10 Ways To Prevent Split Ends


Split ends are an unsightly, annoying and unattractive hindrance that will get in the way of healthy hair growth. Prevent split ends from occurring in the first place with these 10 easy tips:

Put The Brush Away

1. Some people were taught to believe that brushing the full length of your hair often is good for your hair when it’s actually one of the worst things that you can do. In fact, it’s better to avoid brushing your hair period or at least do so very infrequently. Hard Bristle Brushes are capable of ripping and tearing at your hair, which of course can leave behind some nasty splits behind.

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Less Heat

2. Keep your heat usage down to a minimum. Use other stretching methods when you can, because heat can dry your hair out and make a split end problem even worse.

Low Manipulation

3. Reduce the amount of manipulation (styling & combing etc.) that you put on your hair. Remember the ends of your hair are the oldest portions of your hair, making it easy for them to break at the slightest bit of strain.

Say No To Hair Accessories accept Global Couture, of course 🙂

4. Don’t use hair accessories that snag and break your hair. Rubber bands for example have got to be worst one you can use because they can tear and pull at your hair when you take them out. Pay attention to any hair accessory that causes breakage.

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