Naturally Fierce Feature: Ashley AKA Ashthepainter


My name is Ashley but I go by Ash. I was born in Wichita Kansas but have lived everywhere; my favorite place to be is St. Louis Missouri because all of my family is there. I went natural in 2009 and did the “big chop.” Truthfully, my natural hair journey was really tough when I was unemployed. I felt like my natural hair hindered me from getting hired. It may have not been that way in all cases, but it sure did seem like it. Now I’m self-employee running my own painting business and I can wear my hair however I want! My natural hair journey has taught me, if you don’t believe in yourself it’s hard for others to. You have to be a strong woman to go against the grain.



How did you get started painting natural art? Well, I’ve been painting afros on ladies everywhere since I was a child. When I became an adult I started showing people my work and started selling my paintings from my home. Now I own a business that is doing wonderfully painting beautiful portraits of women with afros, self-portraits, and natural hair logos.



What motivated you to transition?
 I really had no particular reason to chop off all of my hair! I just woke up one day and did it; when I began to receive backlash about my hair I began to become conscious about the decision I made. Then, it was on! I goggled about natural hair, educated myself about my decision and took great care of my hair. People talked about my hair both good and bad, but I figure they’re going to talk anyway! It’s up to me to love my hair the way God gave it to me.



What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?
Blue Magic and water. I keep it simple. I twist it, braid it, and wear it in a big fro at times.




What are some of your favorite natural hair websites, YouTuber’s, or blogs?
Right now I just check out my tumblr newsfeed, I don’t know any names. There are so many! All of them are great to me!


Anything you want the readers to know? Inspirational words?
Take care of yourself. We have our good times and our bad, our happy and our sad, but through it all take care of yourself. Get up every day with a smile on your face, treat yourself to a warm bath, light candles, and spend time with friends! No matter what you do, feel good and love what you do when you do it.


Where can people find you for more information? For updates about my artwork visit,, and my art shop is at\.
Ashley sells many beautiful prints and T shirts on her website!
Please check out Ash! She recently did a piece for me (below) ‘bringing life’ to the Global Couture logo and pride to all afro wearers!  I cant wait to hang this beautiful piece of art in my home and rock her on a T shirt! Ashley is dope! Show your support!


“Curly Ashley” design @
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