Naturally Fierce Feature: Tamara AKA Diggamatic

My name is Tamara but to most I am known as Diggamatic. I am a 36 year old Boston mother of 6 children … 5 of which are girls.
How long have you been natural? We are all Natural hair enthusiast in our home. Yes… I certainly have my hands full. I have been fully natural for 10 months now. I did my big chop in Oct 2012 after transitioning for a year. I had enough new growth by then that I was comfortable with cutting all my relaxed ends off. The hair dresser cut off 10 inches of hair which left me with 5 1/2 inches of New growth.
What motivated you to go natural?
My daughter actually inspired me to return to my natural hair. She had had to take radioactive iodine to get rid if her thyroid gland that had gone crazy and caused her to get a goiter ( that’s gone too thanks be to God) but the Medicine cause her hair to fall out really bad. So to support her my eldest daughter and I took this journey with her and its one of the best choices we ever made. I would describe my hair as 3/b-3/c curl pattern, very soft and for the most part pretty easy to maintain. The thing I love most if my hair is my Curls… I have never really appreciated them when I was younger because everyone around me had straight sleek relaxed hair and I wanted that too. Now that I have my curls back I will never give them up.
What has been the most memorable part of your journey? 
Here’s a memorable reaction I got from a complete stranger on the street one day: So this lady stops me and says “I Love your hair!!!! How did you get it to look like that?” My response “it’s just a regular wash and go and I just used a light gel and let it air dry that’s all”… Her response “Wait wait wait…. That’s all your hair ? Girl I thought it was a weave… I was like dang they sewed that in real good.” Lol too funny!

I have had a very positive experience returning to my Natural beauty and I’m just mad I didn’t do it sooner!

What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?

My regimen is pretty simple … No heat at all… Protective styling once and a while such as bantu knots, buns, wigs and weaves (No glue)… Weekly Deep conditioning … I only shampoo my hair once a month with a clarifying shampoo, weekly cleaning with a Co-Wash. I use the Ancient secret hair growth oil 2x a day daily and sleep with my bonnet every night (No exceptions)!


What are some of your favorite natural hair websites, YouTuber’s, or blogs?

Naptural85 and MakeupanBeautyJunkie are two of my Favorite Youtubers/Bloggers… They have some awesome tips!
Where can people find you for more information?

You can follow me on IG @Diggamaticcurlcontrol / @NaturallyMeNaturallyYou
On YouTube : Diggamatic1
On Facebook: Naturally Me Naturally You
Blog on Tumblr: Naturally Me Naturalky You
Thank you, Diggamatic. I love your hair! I’m wondering how you stay so fly with all those heads to comb. 🙂
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