Black Men and Natural Hair: Can They be A Part of the “Movement” too?

From what I’ve encountered, a lot Black women prefer that their significant other keep their hair cut low. The reasons? apparently some people feel that men with longer hair seem lazy, unprofessional and seem like they probably don’t have a reasonable job. All of these reasons are RIDICULOUS. I’m aware that not everyone agrees with that statement and not all Black women exclusively date Black men; this article is from what I’ve observed in general.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I assume that comments like those are hurtful and discourage Black men from experimenting with their natural hair. Does the “natural hair movement” exclude men? I’m sure Black women have heard it all when it comes to natural hair insults, so why do the same to our men? I’m not in any way bashing Black women. If you know me you know that I am all for uplift, but our men need uplift too. All I’m saying is to think about what you say first, everyone has preferences but at least try to get to know someone before judging them (which you shouldn’t do in the first place). You never know, you may end up marrying a Black man with dreads, twists or an afro. Black men have a right to embark on natural hair journeys as well, why deprive them of that?

How do you feel about Black men with natural hair? Sound off in the comments section!

[by Kinky Coily Love]

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