Naturally Fierce Feature: Sameera

My name is Sameera Hadjmohammadreza and I’m from Louisville, Kentucky. I’ve had a crazy hair journey from long curly hair to perms then hair breakage and now I have my curls back.

How long have you been natural?
I’ve been natural since probably around sometime in the year 2011. I got my last perm in August of 2010. I wasn’t trying to transition to being natural, I was away at college and not near my beautician to get perms (it was also becoming costly) so I just decided that I could probably get a good looking flat iron without a perm. I was still flat ironing my hair every week after I stopped getting perms which eventually caused me to have horrible breakage. Since the flat iron was breaking off my hair, I just started doing more roller wraps. I was tired of the same ol looks and I knew when I was younger I had really curly hair so I started watching YouTube videos to see what I could to do my hair and here I am now!

How would you decsribe your hair?
I would describe my hair as being big and vivacious (which I love). It’s more like spirally curls.

What do you love most about your hair?
I love how big my hair can get. I love big hair, the bigger the better.

What has been the most memorable part of your natural hair journey?
The most memorable part would be just going through so many problems when my hair broke off and it’s crazy to think that I could’ve been wearing it curly this whole time. I would say it’s been difficult, but now that I have my curls it’s so much easier than before.

What is your favorite hairstyle?
I finger coil my hair now, but before I stumbled upon that I was doing Bantu Knots. Funny thing is I don’t like them on my hair anymore.

Any memorable reactions from others since going natural?
One thing that has stuck out to me since I’ve been wearing my natural hair is that I get so many compliments from all kinds of different people. I never realized how beautiful people think curly hair is now.

What is your hair regimen?
I wash my hair once a week (I switch from using a cleanser one week to co-washing a next) and conditioning of course. I use Deva Curl’s No Poo which is a hair cleanser that takes the place of shampooing. I use Shea Moisture’s conditioner (don’t recall the exist name) and I use their Curl & Style Milk as well as the Smoothie Enhancer to style. I finger coil the crown of my head and diffuse it. I put my hair in a pineapple when I go to sleep and sleep on a satin pillow. The next day I just take it down and shake it and pick my roots with a hair pick.

What are your favorite blogs or vlogs?
I don’t go on many websites but I watch many Youtube many channels such as: MissCharmsie, NaturalNeiicey, and Shameless Maya (before she shaved her hair).

Anything else you would like to share with the readers?
I would just say to the readers that even when there’s a moment where you feel like it isn’t for you just stick it out and it’s hard to transition from one hairstyle to another.

Where can we find you for more inspiration?
You can find me on Instagram or Twitter with the same handle: @SameeraReza

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