Daddy Did My Hair


On a typical morning my family will get dressed and eat breakfast, after which my husband will brush my son’s hair and I will style my daughters’ hair. Well, a few days ago I had to leave for work before everyone else, so I did not have time for my girls’ hair. When I came home from work that day both of my daughters had new hairstyles. It didn’t look bad, just different from how I would have chosen to style it. My older daughter bounced over to me with the brightest smile and said, “Daddy did my hair.”


It really made me happy to know that if for some reason I am unable to take care of their hair my husband is able to and comfortable with stepping in. Just like me, all of you moms out there should remember that dad can help with hair too. Also, the change in routine is refreshing to everyone, especially your little natural.

Just remember to tell daddy:


Always spray baby girl’s hair with water before you do anything else.


Use a cream or butter to moisturize her strands. This will make detangling easier (if it is even necessary).


Be very gentle. Our girls are tough, but combing and brushing can be a little painful to some.


You only need to wrap hair ties twice and remember to completely circle the afro puff each time to prevent future tangles.


You do not have to get fancy; one or two ponytails will work just fine.


No matter the style you choose, your little girl will wear it with pride knowing that “Daddy did my hair.”


Now ladies please remember that there are some men out there who already know how to take care of kinky, coily, and curly hair. These guys may not need a thorough breakdown of the “do’s” and “don’ts” of natural hair care. But for those dads who need a little refresher, do not hesitate to give a few pointers. It’s better to let them know then to deal with cutting hair ties out of afro puffs because you didn’t say anything.

Is your guy an amateur or a pro at taking care of your little natural’s hair? What are some additional tips you recommend for new dads with curly hair daughters?

[Written by Cherrelle]

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  1. Rhys SheltonNJ says

    Thanks for this article and its point of view. Dads should at least know how to put a couple ponytails in!

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