Fashionable Friday: The Bazzar Bohemian

Hello LOvers!!! My name is Vanessa also know as The Bazaar •{Bohemian}•!!! The best way to describe myself is a Free {Spirited} Energy living inside a {Kaleidoscope}  Of Prints {Patterns} and Colors!!!!
How would you describe your style? A complete and total Free {Bohemian}!!! I don’t live by trends…I follow my {Spirit}!!! I Love colors, bolds prints, and patterns!!! I wear what makes me feel {Beautiful} and {Alive}!!! Sometimes it layers of clothing!!!… Sometimes it’s almost no clothing!!! lol
How do you decide what to wear in the morning?
I usually try and decide at night!! Sometimes it can be a quick process…and other times it’s a whole production! I turn the music on and randomly dance in my mirror! I usually go with the last thing I danced in!!
What are your favorite wardrobe pieces?
I have a vintage Kimono that I use to wander around the house in daily…. but now it’s this fringe cape I recently got from Free People!! I hastaged it #TheTraveleingCape because it now literally goes everywhere with me!! I truly feel like it has some sort of {Magic} in it!!
Where do you typically shop for clothes and accessories?
Really everywhere!!! Just like any girl I love a good vintage store…but I really Love a Flea Market!! To wander around looking for items collected from people all over the world…filled with such history and uniqueness!!
Let’s talk hair. How long have you been natural? What is your normal regimen.
 I’ve been natural for the last 10 years! I wore a weave of some sort for the majority of my teenage years. When I turned 18 and moved back to California…it was a chance to rediscover who I was. That’s when I decided to chop it all off and start over. It was a tricky time because there weren’t blogs and forums to help guide me!! So I was out there on my own!!…But I figured it out!!! After years of twists and styles I decided to Loc-it-Up!! Besides the fact that I think they’re so Beautiful and trap Love Energy…I’m a low maintenance kind of girl, and having the Locs definitely helps with that!!
Do you have a signature hairstyle?
I totally do…It’s a high bun! I literally wear my hair in that style almost everyday! It symbolizes my {Crown}!!!
How does your natural hair work with your style? Since my energy is free…that’s my hair!! Even though I wear it in a bun a majority of the time…it’s completely messy and does what ever it wants to do!!!
Are you working on any ventures that we should know about? (We’d love to hear all about your Etsy boutique, Project Tribe and anything else that you’re working on) I have a business I created about 8 months ago called Bazaar •{Bohemian}• but realized I wanted to do even more…serve a bigger purpose!! That’s when Luna and I came together via IG and created Project •{Tribe}•!! The idea behind the movement is to spread as much Positive {Imagery} and Positive {Energy} as possible! We want to build a community of woman that Inspire, Motivate, and Cultivate one another!! We are sending Crowns (Head Wraps) all over the world and having women wrap them however they feel inspired to. We will collect the photos along with the inspiring messages that we will continue to share with the world! We plan to have many layers so we can continue to grow the Project! For every {Crown} that’s purchased we will be donating a {Crown} to a women with Cancer. We want to build up our community of Queens and remind others that despite their current situation, their light will always be bright! Visit www.projecttribe.orgfor more information or to the join the movement! You can also send us as an email at!!
How can we stay connected with you?
I’m constantly on IG and email!! I would definitely say email is better seeing as things get lost on the “gram”!! lol my Instagram is @thebazaarbohemian and my email You can also reach out to me through my! Hope to talk to you Lovers soon ; )


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