Naturally Fierce Feature: Hennalice


My name is Hennalice Silva, and I’m Cape Verdean (West Africa) but I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I’m 27 years old and graduated with a Bachelor of Law.

How long have you been natural? How you was embraced your curls? 

My hair has always been like this, but that does not mean that I haven’t ruined it by pressing and dying my hair a lot! I haven’t dyed my hair for 2.5 years now. I don’t press my hair unless it’s my birthday or a special occasion where I need to be classier and not enter the room like a lion, lol 😉


What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper & why?

Yes, I had to do the big chop! After I shaved one side of my head it grew back so healthy, I had to chop the other side. Since that day, I promised myself not to dye and press my hair anymore.


How would you describe your hair?

My hair can be really frizzy! I don’t have thick hair but I have a lot of volume! When I wash my hair and put it in a braid, you would never know that my hair can get so big and frizzy!

What do you love most about your hair?

What I like most is that I can have it big and curly when I want, but I can also have it straight when I like to. Also, the volume!  Because I don’t have a lot of hair but the volume makes it look that way.


What has been the most memorable part of your journey? Has it been easy or difficult or both?!

Both, I think! I use to dye my hair a lot and my hair had no curls because of the pressing, so I couldn’t let my hair down with all the ugly ends. It took me a year before I could let my hair down. But, I was determined to get my hair back so that made it easy not to press it again!


What have your experiences been as a ‘natural?’ Any memorable reactions from family or others? 

Everybody is in shock! They forgot that my hair was like this! Otherwise they were like; ” That’s the girl we remember!” … Everybody is pretty happy that I made this choice!

What is your hair regimen (including fav products)?

I wash my hair once a week (L’Oreal for curly hair). I wash my hair upside down because I have this feeling that it creates more volume (I don’t know if it’s true, lol). After I shampoo my hair two times, I condition (also L’Oreal) my hair and wash it out! After that I leave my hair in a towel for 15 minutes. This is because my hair doesn’t dry fast. After I remove the towel, I put in leave-in conditioner that I buy in a local store for 1 euro, very cheap… but I have never had a better product! Also I can use the leave in conditioner that L’Oreal has for curly hair. After this I just let it air dry. In a cold country such as the Netherlands, it’s best to let it dry in the house but when I’m in a warm country, I love to let it dry in the wind. When I go to sleep, I sleep with a high ponytail and in the morning I just untie my hair and run my fingers through it.. I don’t put anything in it until I wash my hair again; otherwise, my curls stay hard and it won’t bounce naturally anymore.


What are some of your favorite natural hair websites, YouTubers, or blogs? 

I never knew there were so many blogs and websites about natural hair! But since I’ve gotten on a few, I have been watching some on Instagram and the internet. Let’s just say yours is my favorite! Hahaha 😉

Anything you want the readers to know? Inspirational words? 

Just be happy with what you look like. Some have straight hair, some curly, and others kinky. When I was a kid, people used to laugh at my frizzy/curly hair – now people love it! Don’t let people tell you what’s pretty and what’s not! Every hairstyle has its beauty!

Where can people find you for more information?

I don’t have a blog or a YouTube channel because I don’t have a lot to say about my hair but I do have Instagram: @h7_nnlc.


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