5 Signs You Need a New Hair Routine

hair routine

It happens to the best of us, our hair refuses to co-operate and you start to lose hope. You start to question all the skills you learned from your favorite naturalista bloggers, and think maybe you should go back to wearing your hair straight.

The truth is, it’s not you, it’s your hair. No really.

1. Your hair dries out all forms of moisture in less than 3 hours

Nothing seems to keep your hair from staying dry anymore. Your favourite oils, creams, and even water, can’t stop the dryness. If this is starting to happen, go out and buy new products. Your hair is tired of the same formula and it wants something new. How would you feel if you had to eat the same meal every single day?

2. It starts to stretch out OR Shrink no matter what you do

Your hair sometimes has its bad days, which is fine. But bad hair week? Something must be wrong. If you use a diffuser on a regular basis and notice that it’s not doing what it’s supposed to, you know it’s time for a new routine. Your hair diffuser would never fail you! Or when your hair shrinks up to nothing even after wearing it in a bun, something is wrong. Find a cream that has lots of protein and switch the ones you’re using now.

3. There’s no volume

No matter what you do to your hair, it won’t give you that fro look you’re used to. This often happens  because there is not enough nutrients or moisture in your hair. Be sure to look closely at the ingredients in your products. Silicones are found in lots of hair products that look like they’re doing something good for you but it turns out. It’s just a thick layer on your hair weighing it down.

4. No length retention

Our hair won’t always grow half an inch every month. But if you’ve gone two or more months with no new hair growth, your hair is not responding to the routine you are doing. First, start by giving your hair a trim if necessary. There could be split ends which would stop your hair from breaking.

5. More hair loss than usual

While detangling, it is common to see a few loose strands come out. But if you’re collecting hair balls from detangling then something is wrong. Your hair is suffering from breakage and it is your job to find out what is wrong with it.

If you see any or all of these signs, it may be time for a new hair routine. That doesn’t mean you have to revamp your entire routine from scratch again. Just switch the products you’re using now to something different. A simple change can make a huge difference!

[By Tika Rochell]

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