5 Easy Summer Protective Styles

Just in case you haven’t noticed, summer is right around the corner! Here are 5 easy protective styles you can try.  These styles are repeated over and over again but this is what makes them classic.  You can always add something different to your styles such as a hair piece or hair accessory.  Below you find styles that can cause less friction to your hair, very convenient and not to mention very chic. These are a few tutorials and pics from some of your favorite vloggers.

1. Pin Up Style

This vlogger posted a video  with a few different hairstyles but this one was simply pretty and chic.


SimplYounique http://youtu.be/Ct3Zq6edM68

2. Flat Twist Style

This style I have tried time and time again that is also not time consuming.  It can last for about a week.  Plus, you can untwist and have beautiful curls when you want to change up your twist style.


MissJoyceMD http://youtu.be/Mzp-W7fQidk

3. Classic Bun/Faux Bun

Who doesn’t love a classic bun?? This style is great for work or play.  A bun can also last a few days if done comfortably.  Hair pieces have been a trend in which they are incorporated into the hair, adding thickness and volume to your bun.


Braids are unique and very flexible as well.  From micro braids to box braids, there are so many ways you can wear braids.  This style can also last a minimum of three months are more.


5. Bantu Knot

Finally, we have the Bantu Knot style.  This funky style has been with us for a while now but has not been retired just yet.  If you didn’t know, the result of this style are gorgeous curls.

Ladies, do you protective style in the summer?

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