Is BIG Hair the New LONG Hair?



I absolutely love it and crave it and desire it….I want my hair so big it runs into door jams when I walk into a room. I want my neck to hurt from carrying that bigness around. I want to be removed from movie theaters because NO ONE can see past my hair. Yea, I’m THAT kind of Natural!

It’s no secret that ‘LENGTH’ is the big winner for what most naturals are trying to achieve. There are tons of products on the market claiming to grow your hair faster than humanly possible from vitamins, to hair conditioners and even to less traditional methods like the Inversion method or using Monistat in your hair.

Yes, Monistat is STILL being used and discussed and NO, I am not a believer or a participant.

The desire for long hair will probably always be dominant in our culture but I am finding more naturals who are embracing BIGGER hair over longer hair. Is this a new trend in our community? I kind of think so.

If you look on the runway, in hair magazines, the red carpet or even on tumblr you see tons of naturals wearing big ass Fros, puffs, high buns or Locs that are piled high up on their heads or worn freely in bigger and badder styles than we’ve seen in the beginning of this movement.

Styles are growing (literally) faster in width than in length and as more and more woman rock their tresses in magnanimous proportions they are getting way more oohhs, and aahhs than the naturals will hair down to their butts. Big hair is making a stand that long hair used to make and many are loving it.

So when I saw this video of the lovely (and preggers) Taren Guy discussing her Diva cut and her love for big hair; I had to share because I am feeling her take on what she prefers for her.

Taren loves the flavor with her tresses and I gotta say I find her big ass hair way more attractive than long hair any day.  The bottom-line is not all naturals or any woman for that matter covets long tresses.  Not all naturals want to protective style 90% of the time for the sake of growing their strands down to their butts.  I’m am seeing a trend in fun, flirty, big hair in many of our natural hair rock stars and wonder if you see it too.

So, I’m a big hair natural lover and wonder if you are as well.  Do you see a movement towards the big hair over the long hair? 
                                                                                [written by Sabrina]
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