Naturally Fierce Feature: Latia


My name is Latia Sparks. I am the second oldest out of 5 kids. I grew up in Brentwood Long Island. I have been natural for a year and a half.

What motivated you to go back to natural?
What motivated me to become natural was my sister Jasmine and best friend Rita. My transition was easy, I just chopped it off to a Caesar. The reason why I chopped my hair was because I was pregnant, for nine months I kept my hair in weaves and braids . When I took the weave out I had no clue what to do with the 9 months of new growth my sister told me to long term transitioning but I didn’t have the patience. I just shaved my hair right off.
photeeo 4
How would you describe your hair?
My hair texture is a 3c. I love my curls. The most memorable part of my journey was looking in the mirror realizing all my hair was gone. all the compliments and attention it brings was just a added bonus. Being natural has been very easy to maintain but takes sometime to get use to after you are use to wearing weaves. After a year and a half of being natural I got a wash and set even though my sister advised me not to. The excessive heat destroyed my curl pattern. No matter what I did my hair was just limp and dead. My sister told me I had to repeat the process of recutting my hair. I had to start my natural hair journey from scratch.
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What are your favorite hairstyles?
My favorite hairstyles are wash and go’s and twist outs.
Any memorable reactions from family?
My family reactions varied some negative but mostly positive. I was the first in my family to do the big chop which encouraged my two other sisters Talisha and Takima to follow in my footsteps while Jasmine is still long time transitioning .
ph32oto 3

What is your hair regimen?
I condition my hair daily with hello hydration from Herbal Essence. I love Eden bodyworks jojoba hair milk and coconut Shea leave in conditioner. I also use Elastase QP olive oil and mango growth oil. I really don’t have any special websites. I just take advice from my sister and best friend. After I wash my hair I instantly put in a little cantu Shea leave in conditioner and a little elastase qp olive oil and mango moisturizer I then seal it with either coconut oil or African Shea butter (wash and go). For a twist out, repeat the above steps but do flat twist around my head and also add Eco styler Olive oil gel.
Anything else you would like to share?
Remember being natural is not easy but like anything becomes easier with practice and time. The best advice I can give you  is have confidence, some people will embrace you while others will have negative things to say. Do not give up, embrace your natural hair. I am happily married but men still do compliment me with my natural hair. When I first did the big chop my husband was shocked but happy he was not a big fan of weave . My husband also says “I’m more beautiful natural” he think it’s shows my facial features better than weave. Raising my daughter natural has been a little struggle because her texture is different than her friends. She understands that everyone is made differently and has different hair types and other features based on ethnicity. My daughter Leah has learned confidence and loves all the attention she gets from her hair being different or unique, she tells her peers “you can look but don’t touch “
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How can you be reached? @la_tia40 on instagram
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  1. Diane says

    Beautiful story on how you decided to go natural and embracing what God blessed you with! I transitioned for eleven months and choped of the remaining relaxed ends last month. Right now I’m dealing with my 3c/4a curly hair afro. My sister is natural as well and if she can embrace and you can embrace your hair then so can I! Also you are very pretty and you go girl!

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