Breaking edges is nothing new to curlies. Unfortunately, this is an affliction that many of us have experienced with relaxed hair, excessive straightening, and even with natural hair, so it’s a problem that needs attention. No one wants breakage, and experiencing this along your hairline can be hard to hide and even harder to not be self-conscious about. Many women are self-conscious of the thinning or breaking edges, but instead on fixing the problem they continue with the bad routines to hide them and the problem worsens.

The biggest culprit of breaking edges is our styling routines or hairstyles. It would seem that going natural would have eradicated the issue, but it’s not just relaxers that may be the problem.

 Wearing tight styles

This has got to be the biggest contributor to thinning edges. Our hair is versatile and there are tons of styles we like to wear, but unfortunately many of these beautiful styles are created at the mercy to our hair, and especially our edges.Braid extensions are at the top of the list because they can be too tight. Although they may be ok for the rest of your hair, the hair along the edges is shorter and more fragile than the rest of our hair. Yes, we want the style to last but when we ask for the braider to make them tight, we are doing more harm than saving money.

Micro braids have the potential to cause the most damage, as each braid is tiny and is expected to hold onto a long braid. Even if you somehow manage to keep all of those micro braids in until you remove them, the removal process is traumatizing to the hair and challenging to do without causing any breakage.

How are your edges doing? What do you do to help them thrive? 

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