How to achieve the Perfect Heatless Curl: Bantu Knots

Bantu knots have to be one of those natural styles that I have yet to master, another being a twist out. As most naturals know there are so many different variations to styles that them each unique but the same. Achieving the perfect bantu knot out can be quite simple once you get the hang of it. It can be done on stretched, damp, or straight hair. With this style you are able to achieve the perfect curl without the use of any styling tools.

There are several techniques to achieving the perfect Bantu knot out:



1. Blow Out

My favorite variation of the Bantu knot would have to be the blown out Bantu knot. This style gives the illusion that you have want curled your hair without the extra heat. I have seen this style done on so many people with different hair textures and each time the result is the same, beautiful.

Directions: To achieve this style wash or co-wash your hair, add leave in conditioner and blow dry your hair. You can use the blow dryer on cool,this method will take longer to dry your hair or you can use the bly dryer on medium to high heat, using a heat protectant of course. After your hair is completely dry section your hair in small or large sections. Note: the smaller the section is the more defined the bantu knot will be and the larger the section is the less defined the curl will be. After you section your hair begin to twirl the hair around your finger and you will see the hair forming a bantu knot on its own. You can also wrap the hair around on its own. After you are done with your not it may or may not stay if it doesn’t you can use a boby pin or a hair pin. You can add a cream or a styling product but nothing that will revert your hair back.



2. WET/DAMP HAIR Of course you the most popular variation of the Bantu Knot is the wet one. Like most naturals we like to stay away from styles that use too much heat. Therefore, this option is best for those that have cut out heat all together or just don’t want to use it.

Directions: Using the same method as above the only different is after you apply your conditioner use a cream or a product to style. IE: Cantu Leave-in Conditioner, Shea Moisture Style and Curl Milk, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and or a Gel (Goddess Curl, Eco Styler Gel). Instead of blow drying your hair you’d skip straight to twirling your hair. 


3. TWO STRAND TWIST BANTU KNOT Then there’s the two strand twist Bantu knot. This variation is for those that love rocking a twist out but want to add something different to it. I love this style because it makes a traditional style “new.”

Directions: After cleansing your hair just like before you want to grab your favorite styling product and begin to two strand twist your hair. After you have two strand twisted your hair you want to twirl the twist into a bantu knot and secure it with a hair pin.

(YouTube:CoCo Jo)

4. BRAIDED BANTU KNOT Another “traditional” style with a twist is the braided Bantu knot. It gives you the look of a braid out with a twist.

Directions: Once you have cleansed your hair grab your favorite styling product and begin to do a simple 3 strand braid. Now that you have your braid you want to begin to twirl the hair around to form your Bantu knot and secure it with a pin.

5. BANTU KNOT While some might look at you crazy for wearing it but stars like Rhianna has graced the red carpet with wearing just Bantu knots. The Bantu knots weren’t taking down they were worn as is. I personally thing with the right outfit the style can be worn and you can look great.

Directions: After cleansing your hair and adding your favorite styling product just being to twirl your hair. Like Rihanna try making the sections look “fancy” or try smoothing down some of those baby hairs to add a little bit more style to the look.


 (YouTube: Samirah Gilli)

6. STRETCHED HAIR BANTU KNOT Last but not least is the Bantu knot out on stretched hair. This style gives you the blown out Bantu look without blow drying your hair. Directions: on those days where you may have worn your hair in a twist out and it has gotten too or a low bun you don’t have to wash it just yet. Just comb through your hair grab a styling product, section your hair to your desire and begin to twirl your hair into Bantu knots.

Here are a few links to different variations of the Bantu Knots on different textures of hair.

African Export


My Natural Sistas

[by Andria

 What technique works best for you? Leave comments and photos below. 


  1. I love bantu knot outs, but I’m still working on perfecting my style

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