Curly hair is more prone to tangles than straight hair.  It’s a fact and it’s a reality we curly/coily/kinky haired Naturals need to accept and embrace.  This doesn’t mean we are doomed and must suffer through washing or co-washing.  This just means we need to find ways to fight the tangles without hurting our tresses.

Our hair knots up so washing in sections can alleviate some of our hair trauma by working with it instead of working against it.  This will also keep us from spending too much time on washing.  Once the hair is long enough (about 6 inches in length) you will find this technique helpful.  I was able to keep washing my hair without sectioning for a long time but the desire to not stay in the shower forever took over.

  • Section the hair into at least four parts but it can be sectioned into 6 or even 8 if need be.  This may be necessary for our thicker haired Naturals.
  • Braid each section to keep them separate or band them if braiding is not your thing.
  • Wash each braid separately.  You can leave it braided or upbraided when working on each section but make sure to re braid or re band when moving onto the next section.
  • Rinse each section separately and you can apply conditioner in the same manner as the shampoo.  I usually keep sections until I apply leave-in and by then hair is tangle free and willing to play nice.

Any technique that will keep us from ripping hair out is a good one so give this a try if you aren’t doing it already.  You may have to wake up like I did and stop making your wash day harder and realize the object is to make managing our hair easier and less stressful.

Being nice to our tresses is a must Naturals,

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