Business Spotlight: Farasue’s Garden


Please tell us what prompted you to start Farasue’s Garden? I have big chopped 3 times, burned, colored, damaged my hair sooooo often and could never find products that worked for my hair! Plus I have a lot of allergies and I was tired of my scalp being sore and flaky and messed up!

What Was Your Initial Career Goal? I took it more as a hobby to help people grow healthy hair they will love. Affordable, quality, REAL ingredients that WORK.

Has that changed from what you are currently doing? Absolutely NOT. Quality products don’t HAVE to cost a fortune. They SHOULDN’T cost a fortune. It makes me really angry to see expensive, synthetic products. That makes no sense. Our mission will remain the same. Period.

What inspired your product? I create products based on my personal hair needs. I’m my own guinea pig. Then my core team of 10 testers. They give me feedback and let me know how much they appreciate what I’m doing. Or how did you get your start? I’m sensitive to EVERYTHING – preservatives, latex, nuts, pumpkin, avocado, eggplant, etc….. When you can’t buy it – the next option is to make it. Then share with others. And if you’re brave enough – create a business!!!

Describe a typical day. I work a full time job as an auditor. Spend quality time with my husband and my baby boy. Then it’s time to work on Farasue’s Garden. My business partner and I have a weekly meeting. And I respond to customers. Fill orders. And post to social media every chance I get! I create micro batches since there are no synthetic preservatives to insure the products I ship are fresh as possible. I love mixing day!!!

If you could describe Farasue’s Garden in one word what would it be? Genuine.

What suggestions do you have for aspiring business owners? Don’t do it for money. Do it because you love your mission. Your brand. And your customers. Take courses – I got my MBA. Keep current on laws and regulations. Put everything in writing. Get your trademark. And stay prayed up!!!!!!


What keeps you grounded? Knowing that every day is a blessing and an opportunity to bless others. Love is contagious! And sharing natural hair love is a great joy. God, family, hair LOL.

Where do you see Farasue’s Garden in the future? There are 7B+ heads on this planet. I want 1B in Farasue’s Garden. I want to be global with a commitment to real, affordable, GOOD ingredients. I don’t care to have a longer shelf life. The way I feel about it is this: If I can’t eat it, then I don’t need it in my hair.

Tell me a little bit about your natural hair journey. Olivia (My pet name for my hair) and I have come to the understanding that I really need to tend to her regularly, consistently, and naturally. She didn’t want any of the abuse I subjected her to for the past 34 years and now I give her the love and attention she desired all along. Everybody says I have “good hair” and that’s why it’s long and healthy. Then I let them feel it and they go “Oh?” Hahahaha I treat my kinky hair well and it grows. All hair is good hair. And it all grows types 1A to 4Z!

What product are you the most proud of? Ends Butter and Liquid Sunshine are my favorites. My ace boon koons!


What makes Farasue’s Garden different from other natural hair care lines? We create REAL products using simple ingredients. Nothing synthetic. We teach and guide and educate our customers. I believe that every person deserves to have healthy hair they will love. Our products, when used properly, help our customers do just that. The transformation is amazing. I crave giving my customers that experience. Once they believe it is THAT simple to grow healthy hair. Try it for themselves. And they’re like WOW!!! Once you get it. You get it. And it shows!!!

Where can we find you on social media? Twitter “@Farasue2,” Instagram “@farasue,” Facebook Page (not the group) “Farasue’s Garden” links are provided on our Website

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