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This week’s Partner interview is with Patricia, owner and operator of Global Couture. Global Couture is a very popular shop hosted at Spreadshirt and, like most of our Shop Partners, Patricia runs her shop in her spare time.

Originating from Grand Rapids, Michigan and currently residing in St. Louis, Missouri, Patricia is a tenured college counselor and fulltime doctoral candidate. You go, Patricia! Even more proof that success with a Spreadshirt shop can be obtained with part time hours. Here’s a little more information about Patricia and her successful shop, Global Couture:

How long have you been a Spreadshirt Partner, and what made you decide to open a shop with us?

I started my Spreadshirt shop in the early part of 2014. It seemed like the right time and I partnered with Spreadshirt for several reasons. I liked the opportunity to offer a vast array of colors and styles for my customers that I was unable to manage at the moment as a small business.

Who is your customer base/demographic, etc?

Women of color are my biggest base, with orders from around the world. I also have a following of women of all races with curly or coily hair who resonate with my logo, as she represents all women with a coiler texture.

What is your shop geared towards, what kind of products/designs do you offer?

I love designs that are striking, bold and command the attention of others. Vibrant colors and big statements are what make my shops and designs appealing to customers. I offer tees and sweatshirts for men and women as well as mugs, hats and phone and tablet covers.

How do your customers find you via YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc…?

I have a strong social media presence which is my primary outlet for connecting to consumers. Instagram is my biggest source of interaction with my customers and they love posting and sharing pictures of themselves in my designs. I am also on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and will continue to grow my presence.

Have you given any of your proceeds back to a charitable cause?

I started the Global Couture Foundation this year to support international charity efforts. I created the “I am Global” tee as a fund raising campaign. All profits from the sale of these tees will be donated to UNICEF. Please consider supporting this effort by proudly purchasing and wearing your shirt HERE.

What makes you or your shop special?

It’s special because it speaks to globally and fashionably-conscious women who know they can care about their world and their wardrobes in the same breath. What better way is there to express your love for what is important to you than by announcing it to the world in a very colorful and robust way through clothing and accessories? It is another form of communication that our world yields and it’s saying something with our bodies that sometimes gets lost in translation if we try to verbalize it.

What are your best selling designs/products?

My best selling products are my Nappy Dictionary, Naturally Revolutionary, Curly GirlStay Calm I’m Just Natural and Keeeping it Kinky tees.


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