Using Garlic Oil On Our Hair? YES!!

Using Garlic Oil on our hair- YES!!

This is a first for me. I know about so many other oils that are awesome for our hair like Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, but GARLIC OIL??? Yea, I turned my nose up at the idea at first.I love garlic! I cook just about everything using it and keep minced garlic in my fridge all the time. I also take garlic pills and have taken them for years and waaayyy before I even had kids. I take it to help with my cholesterol and I take more of it when I’m sick. I’m a big fan of it but I am kinda shocked this is my first time hearing about it for hair.

“Garlic is said to nourish hair by stimulating blood flow to your scalp, which encourages hair to grow rather that fall out or break off. Garlic is said to add body and shine to your hair, which can result in an appearance of a fuller hair of hair. Garlic will also help relieve dry hair and a dry or itchy scalp.”
Some are even touting Garlic is a quick remedy for hair shedding or hair breaking off.”Garlic is said to provide swift relief to problems related to hair shedding. If your hair is coming out in clumps, you can stop the excessive shedding with an organic garlic powder mixed into coconut oil.” vissastudiios.comThis is all really new to me and it must be pretty new to many Black women because as many horror stories I’ve heard from women having their precious locks falling out after bad perms or chemical disasters, why haven’t I heard of any of these remedies to help? Who has been keeping this secret?I’m kinda glad I’m not having any severe shedding or hair breakage because the smell alone would make me not want to try this but if I WAS having those issues I would be on this Garlic bandwagon. With all the wonderful ways garlic helps keep us healthy, I shouldn’t be too shocked what it can do to and for our hair. Who knew?I’m sharing a new tidbit with you and if you’ve already known let me know! I’m really surprised with all my research on healthy hair that I’m just NOW tripping and falling into this information. One thing rings true….you learn something new everyday.

You can read more of the benefits of Garlic at this link below:
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You can find a recipe for hair shedding at this link below:

Stay healthy Naturals,
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