3 Changes You Need To Make For Washing Natural Hair During Winter


Cleansing our natural hair is one of the most important regimens we do for our tresses. For obvious reasons we need to cleanse our hair to remove pollutants, dirt, product build-up and in some instances smoke and odors. It’s a part of good hygiene but ask any natural and she will tell you it’s the best way to maintain healthy, happy hair.

Most of us need structure in our lives so we have a routine or a schedule we follow on how often to wash our hair but do we need that schedule in the colder months?

Many are asking, “How should I wash my hair now that it’s cold outside?”
Use Glycerin Or Thicker, Richer Conditioners because colder months are drier months and we don’t want that dryness transferring to our hair. Your hair shouldn’t be any dirtier than in warmer months and actually some climates get a small reprieve from the hot sticky weather. With the break of heat you get a break from sweating from the weather.
Use sulfate-free shampoos to make sure you are not being too harsh on your hair. and make sure to deep condition every time you cleanse your hair. Use a humidifier to combat the dryness you have indoors as we shield ourselves from the cold with our heaters. Basically, keeping your hair moisturized is your biggest concern during the colder months.

Wash Your Hair Less as too much washing can strip hair of the much needed moisture that the colder temps and drying heat from indoors tends to cause dryness. Be careful of creating product build-up so washing less is tolerable and know that often we are over-washing anyway. Washing less even by one week will be helpful.

The bottom line is to wash your hair when it needs to be washed. Don’t feel you HAVE to stick to the same washing schedule year round. Let your scalp and hair dictate when to wash and remember we should always be listening to our hair as it gives us cues on what it needs.

How often do you wash your hair during winter Naturals?


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