Fashionable Friday Tasha


1.Introduce yourself.

My name is Tasha and I am a 31 year old native from Maryland. I am an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and naturalist who has always had a heart to serve and a passion to leave a lasting imprint in the world. 

2. How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style to be vintage inspired with a splash of retro. 

3. How do you decide what to wear in the morning?

The weather plays a major part on what I decide to wear in the morning. I always make sure that my outfit is suitable for that day. My mood is also a deciding factor on what to wear in the morning—whether I want to wear something comfortable or wear something springy and sleek. 


 4. What are your favorite wardrobe pieces?

My favorite wardrobe pieces are tulle skirts, midi skirts, plaid shirts, comfy flats or boots and cardigans. 

Pic 10

5. Where do you typically shop for clothes and accessories?

I am a huge thrifter! I love shopping at thrift stores to find majority of my wardrobe. Additionally, I shop online from ASOS, ModCloth, H&M and Forever 21. 

6. Let’s talk hair. How long have you been natural? What is your normal regimen.

I have been natural for 7 years. My normal regimen consists of getting my hair retwisted every month and getting it professionally styled on occasion. During the summer months, I wash and retwist my hair more often because I exercise a lot and am more active. I go to a hair salon to keep it maintained and moisturized. At night, I wear a silk scarf to keep my hair from drying out or becoming frizzy. I constantly drink water on a daily basis. Some of my favorite hair products include Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel, Peppermint Oil and Lavender Oil. 

7. Do you have a signature hairstyle?

My signature hairstyle is rods or loc petals. 

8. How does your natural hair work with your style?

My natural hair works really well with my style. My natural hair is versatile like my wardrobe. Endless possibilities to enhance the fearlessness and freedom of being a naturalista. 

9. Are you working on any ventures that we should know about.

I currently released my 2nd book which is entitled “Who Am I When I’m Under the Limelight?” It’s available on Amazon for $8 (paperback) and $2.99 (Kindle). I am currently solidifying dates for my book signing tour. 


10. How can we stay connected with you?


Instagram: @royaltyrefined



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