September is Sickle Cell Awareness: Meet Hawa Kano

If you aren't aware, September is Sickle Cell Awareness month. Sickle Cell is a disease that primarily affects racial and ethnic groups. It is a disease that individuals can live with but it can also be life threatening. I recently had a family member who was diagnosed last year with Sickle Cell. I was truly devastated upon learning about their illness but I am taking it upon myself to learn more about it and help spread awareness. So in honor of Sickle Cell Awareness month, I wanted to give a … [Read more...]

Fitness & Curls Week 7

We've been taught that cutting calories is the the only way to lose weight. However, this isn't the most effective and efficient way to drop pounds. Calories are simply the fuel our body needs to sustain, just like a car needs gas. Our bodies burn calories even as we sleep. If calories are cut too much, your body will go into starvation mode and you will eventually plateau. Plateauing is when your body stops responding to your current routine. The best way to avoid a plateau is to stick to a … [Read more...]

Fitness & Curls Kickstart: Week 4 Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping

Meal Planning & Grocery ShoppingPlanning meals can be a daunting task. Once you get the hang of it things will become easier. It's time to get creative and really think about what goes in your body. Each meal should contain a lean protein, a vegetable, and a complex carb. You should also add healthy fats such as, olive and coconut oil for a well rounded meal. Here's a look at a few meals I eat in a day. Breakfast~ Whole grain oats with cinnamon and fruit. I love Fuji apples and blueberries Egg … [Read more...]

Fitness & Curls Kickstart: Week 3 Resisting Cravings

Resisting CravingsWe all have cravings that sneak up on us throughout the day. Mine are bread and cupcakes. I'm not talking about slices of bread. I'm talking about warm, moist, fresh, dinner rolls with lots of butter. When I was my heaviest, I had a severe addiction to Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. I knew the grocer's bread delivery schedule and would buy 3 packs at a time. I would warm the rolls and apply lots of Brummell & Brown spread. The weight crept up on me before I knew it. I had other bad … [Read more...]

Fitness & Curls Kickstart ~ Week 1: The Basics!

  Fitness & Curls: Week 1 What's the purpose of food? Just like a car needs gas to run, your body needs food to survive. The sole purpose of food is to provide the necessary nutrients your body needs to function properly. Once we understand this concept we can began a healthy relationship with food. This week we are going to focus on the basics of nutrition--the 3 major food groups: * Protein * Carbohydrates (Carbs for short) * Fats Some foods can fall in … [Read more...]

Are you Tired or Lazy?

by  Amy Smith  How many times have you heard someone say “I’m tired” as oppose to “I’m lazy”? Not much, right? I bet “I’m tired” always wins. Do you think we use these words interchangeably? In my opinion, when you are tired, you are weak, you can’t go any further, and you forsake everything like conversations with friends, shopping trips, house chores and especially noise in exchange for undisturbed tranquility and needful rest or sleep. When you are tired, you may have the motivation, the … [Read more...]

Naturally Healthy by Nikki

by Nikki Patricia says: Many of us have gotten our hair 'tight and right' and now we are ready to work on our bootays, lol. No but seriously, our self-LOVE discussions about hair can (or should) extend to all of areas of our life, right? So... I am happy to introduce health and fitness to the blog discussions. Enjoy I like to think of January 21, 2010 as a rebirth. I made the most important decision of my life: to take control of my health. To me, this was more important that what college I … [Read more...]