Recover From Falling Off the Hair Regimen Wagon

Before I even begin to get into the topic, I want to start off by saying do not stress, it is not the end of the world!

So you have found yourself a routine that not only works for your hair but fits into your lifestyle (time), you use products that give you results (and work with your budget) and you are merrily happy with your hair journey. All of a sudden you realize something is up. You’ve skipped a few (needed) moisturizing deep condition sessions, you haven’t been detangling properly/thoroughly or perhaps you started noticing excess shedding because you’ve become a little complacent with the protein deep conditions. Like I said do not stress, that will not help, if anything it could cause setbacks. It happens to the best of us, life sometimes gets in the way, we fall ill, we become busy etc.

Here are 5 really simple steps that will hopefully pave the way to getting back on track:
1. Don’t beat yourself up –As mentioned, it can actually cause setbacks so forgive yourself, move on and aim to get back on the wagon!

2. Set aside time Give yourself 30 minutes – 1 hour (perhaps on the weekend) and go over your routine to remind yourself about things you might have forgotten. If you have a hair journal (you should) read what you’ve written previously to remind yourself and prepare.


Evaluate why you “fell off” (e.g. reasons within your control/beyond your control) and find out if they can be avoided next time (applies for reasons within your control).

4. Set an alarm/reminder – If you know your hair is “thirsty” and you need to start with a moisturizing deep condition, put a reminder/alarm on your phone/iPad/calendar etc. with a time and date.

5. Make room for “me time” – We all have busy schedules, families, obligations etc. however, that does not mean you can’t take time for yourself. Try get a family member or friend to help out during your “me time” so that you can get back on track without guilt or stress.

6. Try make it fun again – Maybe your routine started to become a drag and because of that you became complacent. Make your wash day a spa day as well! Give yourself a face mask, do a mani-pedi and during your process listen to music or watch a movie. Make it fun again!

There is always a way to rectify the issue, so if you have missed out on a few steps of your routine all is not lost, your hair won’t start falling out. Pick a place to start, I would recommend with a good detangle session and a moisturizing deep condition to pamper your strands. Happy hydrated hair is always a good place to start. Grab the bull by the horns and get back on that wagon!

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