10 “Thou Shalts” Of Natural Hair Living

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The world is filled with rules, guidelines, shall and shall not’s so is there really any surprise the natural hair community has them as well?  Some are vital to make this journey easier while others are less important and you can’t forget the ones that are downright silly.  Despite all of that…we gotta give them their just ‘due’ or we would never forgive ourselves for omitting them!

Thou Shall always wear a satin bonnet and/or use a satin pillowcase at night – Oh honey, don’t even get me started on how important this actually is.  Wearing one or using a pillowcase is the difference from looking our best in the morning or looking like you have an extra dry bird’s nest living above your shoulders.  It is also important since having your hair rub against a cotton pillowcase or sheets can cause dryness which can lead to breakage so beauty sleep involves your hair!

Thou Shall Not use mineral oil in your hair – Most of us should already know how bad this is for our tresses.  It weighs down your hair, it robs the skin of vitamins, it can cause acne and it’s contaminated with carcinogens.  It’s just not a good thing to mix with natural hair so don’t use it.  I have since stopped using it on me period and use natural oils for my skin.

Thou Shall be patient with your hair and your journey – Going natural is not for the trendy.  It is a lifestyle change that requires commitment and patience.  Your hair is learning how to be natural and it takes time for you and your hair to figure out what the two of you are doing!  Understand the process will be different for everyone and that your journey is a personal one that should be appreciated and nurtured.

Thou Shall Not skip on protein treatments or deep treatments – You need both of them and you need a deep conditioning during every wash.  They are important for the strength and the moisture of your hair. Protein treatments can be used monthly or less but neglecting either will not go over very well with your tresses.  Listen to your hair because it will tell you it’s missing either of them.

Thou Shall read ingredients in your hair products – Product are trying to get you to buy them so they may have all kind of promises on what they can do or what they have in them.  It’s up to you to turn them around and see what they REALLY have in them.  Remember that the first five ingredients are the most important and that’s the major components of the products.  Your shampoo and conditioner should have water as the first or within the first three ingredients on the product.

Thou Shall Not think there are natural relaxers – They do not exist no matter what you hear!  To permanently alter the texture of your hair you need chemicals and any chemical to do that will NOT be natural.  Not only are the chemicals that relax your hair not natural but actually weaken the hair and harsh on your scalp.

There may be some concoctions that boast of doing this like the (So-called) Coconut Relaxer –  but it is just a deep moisturizing treatment.  Know the facts Naturals.

Thou Shall be a Product Junkie – It comes with the territory especially when new to the journey so embrace it and know that some of us just love trying new products that come out on the market.

Thou Shall Not be rough with your tresses – Gentle, careful, lovingly…these should all be common words in your vocabulary for taking care of your hair. During styling, washing, detangling we need to be gently as being rough will end us up with more hairs in our shower and sink than on our heads.  Allow conditioner and carrier oils to aid in styling and washing as they can make the process easier and smoother.

Thou Shall Love your natural hair – It’s your and its unique.  Love your hair and it will love you back by being healthy and happy.  It’s a part of you so why wouldn’t you love it?

Thou Shall Not judge other naturals – Their journey is their own and what they see as beautiful may not mirror your perception of beauty.  That’s OK as we are all beautiful and all have a right to be who we are and that means not judging someone else and their path.  Also know that naturals have bad hair days too but not too many because our natural coils, curls and kinks are always amazing!!!

[Sabrina via NaturallyCurly]

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