Are you natural if you are texlaxed?


So you may be thinking “what is texlaxed?” and am I natural if I  texlax? The answer to that question is quite simple, no.

Texlaxing your hair means to “under process” your hair so that the relaxer is not left on your hair long enough to make your hair bone straight.

Your hair may still have some texture but it’s not your natural curl pattern. In order to consider yourself natural this would mean that in no way is your hair chemically processed or altered. 

There are so many debates in the natural hair community that would make one wonder how far they can go before they are no longer considered natural. Personally, I feel as long as there are no chemicals in your hair that has altered your curl pattern you are natural. I consider those that color their hair natural as well as those that choose to rock their hair straight. By texlaxing your hair you are still putting chemicals on your hair.  To me being texlaxed is different from using a texturizer. Being texlaxed means that you stretch your relaxer longer than usual. In comparison, using a texturizer will loosen your curl pattern. Megan, Uluvmegz, is a big Youtuber that is known to stretch out her relaxers as well as KISSseventyseven.


Recently, larger hair companies have been coming out with “hair manageability systems” that allow naturals to rock straight hair for longer period of time and revert back to their natural curl pattern with just a simple two-step process.  These systems claim that their two-step process will not alter your natural curl pattern. There have been testimonies that have proven that the system works and then there are some that have used the system that says their curl pattern was altered. I think using this system is like playing Russian roulette you take your chance.

Having manageable hair means that you wouldn’t have to go through the task that some with thicker or more coarse hair would. It would breakdown your hair so that its easier for you to work with.

What do you think ladies? Is texlaxing ‘really’ natural? What do you think of the hair manageability systems? Leave comments below. 

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