Naturally Fierce Feature: Ariel

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Hey!!! I am Ariel Moore from Louisville ky. Im a MAc makeup artist!! I

lovvveeee makeup!!!!

How long have you been natural?

I have been natural for two years going on three in January.


What motivated you to transition?

When I first went natural I transitioned because I was so worried about keeping my length! During my transition stage a flat ironed the HECK out of my hair! When my natural hair got to a decent length, I chopped off the relaxer and started wearing my curls (which were horrible). I then started the “year of no heat challenge”. After that year was up I decided to flat iron my hair. It was a MESS! My hair was so damaged from where I always flat ironed it. So, I chopped it off! Lol. I have a tapered hair cut now. Love it!

How would describe your hair?

My hair is fun!!!! Esp the style it’s in now!!

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What do you most about your hair?

What I love most about my hair is that it grows so fast! I’m very pleased with that! Haha.

What has been the most memorable part of the journey?

The most memorable part of my hair journey is me going to get a trim and leaving the shop with a hair CUT. My husband was so upset. I needed a change and healthy hair.

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What was your favorite transitioning hairstyle?

My favorite hairstyle transitioning was flat ironing. So bad I know! My favorite hairstyle now is using perm rods! Ohhhh I love it!

Any memorable reactions  regarding your hair?

A memorable reaction from my family when I recently cut my hair….my mother did the big chop! Haha. I couldn’t believe it! She said I inspired her! Super excited she’s apart of the natural hair community.

What is your hair regimen?

My favorite hair products are carols daughter products! ANYTHING by that line has my hair feeling amazing! The hair milk line they have is by far my fav! I also am starting to use some design essentials products. So far so good! As I am deep conditioner just became one of my favorite deep conditioners!!!! My hair felt BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Who are your favorite vloggers or bloggers?

I am in LOVE with “MsDanti” and “BeautyByLee.” They’re such an inspiration to women of color with natural hair. They have YouTube channels!! Curlbox is an amazing Instagram page to check out! They also have a blog. Naturallyshesdope, naturalhairdaily, luvyourmane and trialsntresses are great natural pages to follow.

Any advice or inspirational words?

If you’re newly natural, do NOT be afraid of your hair! Do not be afraid to try different things! Length is not everything! Volume and healthy hair is EVERYTHING!!!!! Take care of your hair. Find products that work for YOU!!!! Embrace and enjoy your natural!!!! You’re beautiful!!!! 🙂

Where can we find you online? You guys can find me on Instagram @arielvscupcake_ I just started a YouTube channel!! Yay!!! Subscribe!!!

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