Is Your Hair Breaking or Shedding?

One of things that can sometimes confuse people is trying to determine whether they are experiencing breakage or excessive shedding. While both might seem similar, there are big differences between the two as well as different reasons why they occur. At some point in our natural hair journey most of us might have experience one or both of them. In order to get a little understanding of both, I will briefly define what each term means, the potential causes of them and some solutions you can … [Read more...]

Damaging Hair Care Practices

As naturals our search for hair care knowledge usually fulfills a couple desires: 1. To achieve “healthy hair” 2. For our hair to grow Well, that’s not what we really mean is it? Our hair grows. It grows at varying rates monthly and throughout the year and its growth is based on our genetics, our overall health, nutrition, hormones, etc. But it does grow. What we are most interested in is the retention of length. If your hair breaks just as much as it grows then you’re not going to see the … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: LaNita

My hair journey began 2007, I transitioned with braids. I was completely natural April 2008. My hair has always grown better without perms, but in the 90’s and early 2000 it was hard to locate a beautician or even products for natural hair. I developed alopecia and was advised by a physician to stop perming my hair or using heat. I did just that. I’ve one episode in 2010 because of a sew-in which irritated my scalp. I’ve been fortunate and my hair has grown back and is very healthy.  How long … [Read more...]