Naturally Fierce Feature: Tina

Hi I’m Tina, a late 20-something born and raised in Cameroon, West Africa and now living in NYC. How long have you been natural? I’ve been natural since March 26, 2010 so a little over 4years. What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper& why? My transition started with prompting from my hairdresser at time who asked me to do a Youtube search on “natural hair”. Back then, I was looking for a change and it ended up being the best discovery for me … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Samantha

My name is Samantha Pollack. I was born in Suriname, Paramaribo. At the age of 12, I moved to The Netherlands. How long have you been natural? I am natural since 2007. The first time I relaxed my hair I was 14 years old. I thought I was prettier with long and straight hair. I relaxed my hair for 2 years. Then I became familiar with the flat iron. I thought: why should I use chemicals if I can get my hair straight by using the flat iron? Since then I have not used chemicals on my hair … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Cristina

Hello everyone my name is Cristina also known as Barbie Conga. I was born and raised in New Jersey (Woot Woot) lol. I am currently a social worker for kids and youth with mental health needs. I really enjoy anything having to do with fitness especially lifting heavy weights (I am all about that girl power). How long have you been natural? Technically, I have never had a perm in my hair. However, I colored and flat ironed my hair excessively to the point I had no more curls. My hair looked … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Etiopia

My name is Etiopia Martin, and I'm from New York; I'm currently a college student majoring in fashion marketing How long have you been natural? I have been natural my whole life, as a child I always wanted to have straight hair like everyone else . My mother refused to give me or allow me to put any chemicals in my hair that would change its natural texture and that at almost 20 years old I'm thankful for that . How would you describe your hair? I would describe my hair as "Hair who … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Brittany

I’m Brittany but almost everyone calls me B.Chapp. I come from the small, big city of Greenville, S.C. I consider myself to be an adventurer of the world just trying to live and discover the secrets of the universe. My hair journey has been just that, a journey! I’ve loved my hair, hated my hair, wished I had a curlier texture, but I’ve accepted that it’s mine and I love it. It’s been a wild ride but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  How long have you been natural? Since June 2011 – on … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Kyla

Hey Curl Sistas! My name is Kyla, and I hale from the beautiful island of Bermuda! I’m 22-years old, and currently finishing up my last year of my bachelors degree in England (Woot! Woot!) My father is Bermudian and my mom is Portuguese. They both met in Bermuda and created me – a curly fro’d mixed baby with a mother who had NO clue how to tame it! All my life my mom would do ‘big chops’ on my hair when it got too long (long here means, long enough to put into braids) because my mom didn’t … [Read more...]

Is BIG Hair the New LONG Hair?

I LOVE BIG HAIR! I absolutely love it and crave it and desire it....I want my hair so big it runs into door jams when I walk into a room. I want my neck to hurt from carrying that bigness around. I want to be removed from movie theaters because NO ONE can see past my hair. Yea, I'm THAT kind of Natural! It's no secret that 'LENGTH' is the big winner for what most naturals are trying to achieve. There are tons of products on the market claiming to grow your hair faster than humanly possible … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Maya

Hello to all naturals! My name is Maya Congo and I’m from Silver Spring, Maryland. I’m a pre-nursing major at Old Dominion University which is in Norfolk, Virginia. I am now a junior and am 20 years old. I love educating myself on natural hair in the African American community and exploring versatile styles with my own hair. How long have you been natural? I have been natural all my life thanks to my mother. She was truly a stickler for keeping my hair natural when I was young because she … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Jocellyn

Hi Curlfriend! My name is Jocellyn, and I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. When I was in high school, I let my hair stylist (who I trusted) convince me that I needed a relaxer every 6-8 weeks. At the time, I was only getting them once or twice a year. Shortly after receiving my second relaxer in a 10 week time frame, I was washing my hair, when suddenly large clumps of my hair started falling out. It was in that moment that I decided to never get a relaxer again. I transitioned, and managed to do … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Amanda

Hello my natural loves! My name is Amanda, and just like many of you I am a natural hair fiend! (lol) I am 22 years old and a born and raised New Yorker! How long have you been natural? I have been natural since my senior year of high school which was 2009! It was the winter of this year that I decided I would no longer relax my hair. Prior to this, I would relax my hair about 2 times a year. As a child I had long hair however after years of relaxing and cutting, my hair got shorter and … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Shantel

My name is Shantel but most just call me Elle. I am originally from Maryland but now reside in Virginia with my 2 daughters, husband, and a little Shih Tzu name Lily. I am now a freelance makeup artist and spend my time watching the clock waiting for my little bun to come out the oven... yes another Queen in training due in October! How long have you been natural? I will be natural for 4 years in October of this year! Time has really flown by! What motivated you to transition? Were you a … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Aevin Dugas AKA Guinness Book Record Holder for the Largest Afro in the World

  My name is Aevin Dugas, I'm from Napoleonville La and I work with women with mental retardation for the past 17 years. I wanted anymore. How long have you been natural? I went natural 14 yrs ago because I decided that permanently altering my hair wasn't what I wanted/ What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper & why? Well at that time I was a "struggler"! Lol, I just knew I didn't want chemicals and would have m best friend braid my hair and I'd rod … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Alesha Kimbre’

Alesha from Huntsville, AL. I am 22 years old and a nurse. How long have you been natural? 4 years in October. What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or a Big Chopper & why? I wanted long healthy hair! I've chopped my hair a few times throughout high school. I also colored it, which damaged my hair since I didn't take care of it properly. Both decisions were me following trends.. Silly me! What has been the most memorable part of your journey?Has it been easy … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Tamsy

Hey beautiful naturals! My name is Tamsy (IG:mynaturalhigh), I am a Nigerian-American born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am 21 years old and a full time nursing student. How long have you been natural? This has always been a tough question for me to answer because I'm not sure if I should add the transitioning stage or not lol (but i normally do add it). So I started to transition of June 2010 and FINALLY chopped the remaining perm off in June 2011 (what a relief). So I guess I … [Read more...]