Is Your Hair Breaking or Shedding?

One of things that can sometimes confuse people is trying to determine whether they are experiencing breakage or excessive shedding. While both might seem similar, there are big differences between the two as well as different reasons why they occur. At some point in our natural hair journey most of us might have experience one or both of them. In order to get a little understanding of both, I will briefly define what each term means, the potential causes of them and some solutions you can … [Read more...]

Effectives Strategies for Damaged Hair

If your hair has extensive damage then you’ll definitely want to implement some effective strategies to improve its health. Since there is no way to really permanently repair damaged areas, preventing further damage and addressing existing issues will enhance the look and condition of your hair. I’ve developed a simple 3-step program to successfully accomplish this.   1. RemoveThis goes without saying. If what you’re doing right now is contributing negatively to the state of your … [Read more...]

10 “Thou Shalts” Of Natural Hair Living

The world is filled with rules, guidelines, shall and shall not’s so is there really any surprise the natural hair community has them as well?  Some are vital to make this journey easier while others are less important and you can’t forget the ones that are downright silly.  Despite all of that…we gotta give them their just ‘due’ or we would never forgive ourselves for omitting them! Thou Shall always wear a satin bonnet and/or use a satin pillowcase at night – Oh honey, don’t even get me … [Read more...]

4 Simple Recipes for Homemade Leave-In Conditioners

Do you want to create a homemade leave-in but you don’t know where to begin?  Then read on for a few simple recipes: 1. Coconut Cream Leave-In Conditioner I LOVE this creamy, smooth concoction and plan to use it a lot this summer.  It only requires three ingredients – coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and avocado oil – and it smells lovely. Ingredients: 1 oz slightly melted (not completely melted) extra virgin coconut oil 2 oz aloe vera gel 1 tsp avocado oil Directions:1. Pour all the … [Read more...]

5 Summer Hair Routine Tips

summer hair care

Now that the dreadful cold weather is gone, it’s time for a routine update. With warmer temperatures, comes a quicker hair routine. You no longer have to deep condition for a day, but rather hours. Everything is just easier in the summer, isn’t it? Although the season has changed, that does not mean you have to change everything. In fact, try to change as little as possible. You’re simply just going to modify your routine. Things to Remember… Deep Condition less During the colder months, … [Read more...]