Hair Mask: What your natural hair routine is missing


What is a hair mask or hair masque? Why does natural and curly hair need hair masks and how are they different from deep conditioners? These are common questions as many newly naturals are trying to understand what their hair needs whether they do the big chop or long-term transition. Natural and curly hair has specific needs and special conditioning is at the top of the list along with moisturizing and keeping healthy. When you are newly natural you may be suffering from damage and both … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Camille


Tell us about yourself. My name is Camille Gray, I'm 23 from Clinton, Mississippi! How long have you been natural? I transitioned for 9 months before my big chop November 11, 2015. How would you describe your hair/What is your hair regimen (including fav products)? My hair requires LOTS of moisture. I typically wash my hair every Saturday and, if necessary, a cowash sometime during the week. I also deep condition every two weeks with Briogeo "Don't Despair, Repair" or a homemade … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Denysha


1. Tell us about yourself. My name is Denysha and I am a natural hair enthusiast from Trinidad & Tobago. I am also an author of a natural hair care book called 'All About Kinky Curly Hair.' My hair journey has been a great one thus far. I have tried almost everything possible from coloring to even tapered cuts. My goal however, is healthy hair. 2. How long have you been natural? I have been natural since December 2012. 3. What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or … [Read more...]



Everyone knows how long it takes to do our hair on a weekly/daily basis. It’s a long process that’s exciting when you’re a newly natural but after 52 weeks of doing the same thing you get tired of it and as your hair gets longer it takes more time to wash, style and maintain. You want easy, simple or quick but without compromising your hair. Everyone wants a simple routine with the same great results and it can be done. Here are a seven tips to shave time off your weekly hair … [Read more...]



Crochet braids are one of the hottest new trends among naturals. This weaving method not only achieves a more natural look, but it is a great protective styling option that offers a wide variety of choices. From braids to blowouts, Crochet braids can achieve a plethora of natural hairstyles without causing unnecessary damage to your hair. I LOVED mine despite me not keeping them in long (I got added hair issues) but they are an easy way to spice up your look. However, unlike sew-ins and other … [Read more...]



I know what you’re thinking, “This child has lost her mind. Watermelon belongs either in my drink or on my plate, NOT in my hair…” but hear me out. Erase all of the negative stereotypes about all black people eating watermelon and heed this information right quick...  As strange as this may seem, once you learn what watermelon can do for your hair and how, you might find yourself second guessing those doubts. Now, I’ll admit, I’ve had my share of skepticism about this topic, and I honestly … [Read more...]

Top 3 deep conditioners to strengthen hair and prevent breakage


In the pursuit of a healthy hair journey, many Naturalistas face dry hair which can also lead to breakage which nobody wants. The following three deep conditioners are sure to prevent breakage, strengthen and add moisture to dry hair thanks to the emollients, humectants and hydrolyzed proteins. Aphogee Curlific! Texture Treatment Aphogee's Curlific texture treatment is packed with proteins for strength, emollients for shine and humectants for softness. Although this treatment is serious … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Tanisha


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Tanisha. I  originally from Toronto, but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. 2. How long have you been natural? Technically I've been natural my whole life. I think I did get a one kiddie perm when I was 11. So since then it has been 20 years :). But it has only been within the last two years I've started to love and embrace my hair. 3. What motivated you to transition? Were you a … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Kezia


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Kezia and I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados! I’ve been married for almost 2 years and I’m a mother to a very active 1 year old son. 2. How long have you been natural? Have you always embraced your curls? I’ve been natural for almost 8 years.  At 17 years old I decided that my natural hair was “too thick” and “too much for me to handle”. I made the decision to relax my hair and … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Marcian


1. What's your name and where are you? My name is Marcian and I am from Jamaica currently in Florida. 2. What is your hair type? My hair type sits between 4a and 3c with super coily texture and normal porosity. 3. When did you go natural and what made you do it? May 2014 I big chopped because I wanted to start a healthy hair journey, to do this I knew I had to stop using chemical relaxers in my hair and embrace my natural hair. 4. What was the most challenging thing … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Alicia


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc)  Hello All! My name is from Alicia Gettys. I currently live in Birmingham Alabama. 2. How long have you been natural? Have you always embraced your curls?             I've been completely natural for almost 4 years. It took me a year to fully transition. I didn't do the big chop because I didn't want to have to learn how to style short hair. So for every inch or so that I grew, I would get an inch … [Read more...]



1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Jessica and I'm Haitian -American. I am a certified makeup artist and owner of Beauty By Ms Jesse LLC. I do any and all kinds of makeup from beauty and fashion to special effects.  As far as my hair journey it really started when I stopped straightening my hair in December 2013. I realized I had heat damage to my natural hair and wanted my curly hair back. I did a transitional chop on November … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Phallon


Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Phallon (Fa-Lynn). I live in Joliet, IL.  I'm a very laid back and outgoing person. I am engaged and have been for two years, (what are we waiting for? I don't know I'm kinda stubborn lol). I am the proud mommy of a 18 month old little girl who is a diva. I work full time, 12hr night shifts at a hospital and currently attending classes in the mornings to become a RN (Registered Nurse). But I've … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Brandi


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. Peace and Love, my name is Brandi Triplett and I reside in Southern California. I'm a Mother, Companion, Teacher, Writer, Mentor and a Corporate Treasury Specialist by professional title. I was born in Los Angeles, CA, raised in Columbus, OH and now living in Riverside, CA. I'm at my best when I'm laughing, being fashionably fabulous, seeing my son smile, inspiring others and rocking my naturally fierce mane! I'm also at my best when I'm … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Dāsha


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) -Well, my name is Dāsha Jordan and I’m a 20-year-old college student. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, which means unpredictable weather and a lot of outfit changes. My hair journey has been anything but easy. I’ve gone from being natural to getting braids to having a perm and back natural. All throughout this process, I’ve dealt with heat damage, over manipulation, lack of moisture etc. Honestly, it’s a learning … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Chrissie


1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) Hey there! I am Chrissie but you can call me Chris. I was born in North Carolina but currently residing in Maryland. I started my hair journey back in 2010. My last, last relaxer was in 2010 when I experienced severe hair and scalp damage. I wore weaves and wigs for a whole year and realized I was natural. I cut all of my relaxed ends off and became fully natural. I big chopped last May so I am on a second … [Read more...]