How to Style your TWA

Did you recently big chop? Or maybe you've followed this years natural hair trend and got a funky cut with tapered sides. Are you the point where you just don't know what to do with your twa? Well, heres five hairstyles that you can achieve, if your hair is long enough, while rocking your twa. Basic Wash and Go Duh, this style is a no brainer. Wash and go’s go hand and hand when you have a twa. At this stage in your natural hair journey your hair is short, your curls are small and cute and … [Read more...]

Conservative Hairstyles for Church

When my hair first began to grow, I was very conscious of how big my hair was in certain environments. Interviews and other professional functions, church, weddings, and even movie theaters, had me questioning if my hair was considered “appropriate” for the occasion. I wanted to be able to express myself, while also not coming off as offensive to others. As much as we try to escape the box of what is considered appropriate for hair, its still completely normal to have doubts when searching for … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: The Fast-Drying Flat Twist-Out

  The flat twist-out is one of my favorite natural hairstyles! I love how it elongates my tightly coiled hair and I also love how easy and quick it is to complete. I set it in only 30 minutes and it was completely dry after only six hours. The style lasted for about four days. Since the twists were larger, they did not last as long as a twist-out done with small twists would have. I wore it down for two days and wore it up the other two to get my four days of wear out of it. Check out the video … [Read more...]

5 Portable Must-Haves for Quick Hair Fixes

1. (4) Hair Pins Whether it’s a bobby pin, hair pin, mini pin or roller pin… Hair Pins are a MUST HAVE to tame that stray piece of hair that can’t seem to find its bun, change a hairstyle completely (it wasn’t working!), or poke a jammed CD/DVD out of a laptop.  (It works.) Tip: Try Spin Pins for curly hair! No more damaging your curly ends with flat pins! Just twist your hair into a rope, wrap it around itself, tuck the ends under, and turn the spin pins in at opposite … [Read more...]

How to achieve the Perfect Heatless Curl: Bantu Knots

Bantu knots have to be one of those natural styles that I have yet to master, another being a twist out. As most naturals know there are so many different variations to styles that them each unique but the same. Achieving the perfect bantu knot out can be quite simple once you get the hang of it. It can be done on stretched, damp, or straight hair. With this style you are able to achieve the perfect curl without the use of any styling tools. There are several techniques to achieving the … [Read more...]