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 instagram: @globalcouture


 twitter: @globalcouture1

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Interested in advertising on the Global Couture Blog? I love to feature and promote great handmade products, natural and creative entrepreneurs, independent artists, natural hair products, jewelry, and other handmade shops. I currently only offer two ad sizes*: Featured and Large. Ads are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Some Stats:

Twitter/Instagram followers: 30,000+

Facebook: 4,000

Pageviews: average 65,000 monthly

Pageviews High: 70,500

My page views range between 1,800- 4,000 daily



Great option for a little extra exposure. The Featured Ad stays on top of all other ad slots for 30 days. Great option for a featured post or giveaway.



Large Ads are placed below the Featured Ad and above the Medium Ads. Large Ads are displayed on every page and run for 30 days.


Rafflecopter is used for all giveaways and held on the blog for 4 days.


Please submit your ad and url to You will receive an invoice for the ad space upon approval.

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If you would like to create a custom advertising option, please contact for details.

*Price subject to change.