How to Make a Wash and Go Last 5 Days!


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The Wash and Go (WNG). It’s a popular hairstyle that we naturals either love or hate. For me, it’s one of my staples and I could not live without it. Some styles get worse as the days go by, but the WNG just gets better and better! It’s like a fine wine, aged to perfection.  My hair gets softer, bigger and a bit messier, which I don’t mind at all. The key to a lasting WNG is all in the products you use and how you preserve your curls overnight. Currently, I am using Treseme Naturals Conditioner as my co wash, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration as my leave in and Olive Oil Eco Styler gel as my styler.  Keep in mind that my conditioners tend to change every couple of weeks (Hi, my name is Mia and I am a product junkie) but my Eco Styler is here to stay (I think).

I am always pleased when I can make my WNG stretch to 5 days. Minimal Styling = Maximum Happiness. I am a very low hair maintenance kind of gal and I appreciate any style that allows me to focus more on  fashion than my hair. When it comes to learning, I’m very visual. Show me, don’t tell me. So instead of just telling you how to make your WNGs last 5 days, I will also show you in the photos below, as well as my nighttime routine. Shall we begin?

Day 1 – Corporate Curls

(This is how my hair looks on Day 1 after about 6 to 8 hours of air drying. Tight curls and coils, extreme shrinkage and…boring. I refer to this as my “Corporate Curls” look, as it is suitable for the workplace. Note: if you are in a rush or want big hair on this day, you can always use a diffuser to speed up the process. I prefer air drying. )

Picture 1

(To preserve my curls as I sleep, I just lay my head on a satin pillowcase. Now I have tried to pineapple a few times, and although it’s not the worst thing in the world for my hair, it’s not the best either. My curls don’t “shake out” like other naturals. They just stick straight up so I have to do the most just to get my hair to hang again and that, to me, defeats the purpose of a low maintenance style. It’s just not for me, and that’s ok. ) Goodnight!

Picture 2

Day 2 – Casual Curls

(After I wake up, get dressed and slap on some makeup, I begin my Day 2 hair process. The back and one side are normally smooshed from me sleeping on it, but that’s an easy fix.  First, I spritz a little water and shake. Next, to gain some length, I use a blow dryer on low and direct the heat on my roots ONLY. It’s very important not to put any heat on your curls because that will create unwanted frizz. Then I fluff a bit and head out the door!) *Repeat Day 1 nighttime routine*

Picture 3

Day 3 – Fun Curls

(After “un-smooshing” my hair, all I do today is spritz more water and add a little coconut or olive oil for shine. Now this is the day when things start getting fun! I like Day 3 hair. My hair has lots of volume by this day and my curls are still intact. I can go to work feeling large and in charge without startling any of my co workers and be ready for happy hour with friends afterwards.) *Repeat nighttime routine*

Picture 4

Day 4 – Crazy Curls

(Day 4 for me is THE ultimate WNG. My hair is massive, super moisturized and fluffy. LOVE it! I repeat the same steps from Day 3 and I’m out the door. Never takes me more than 5 minutes.) *Repeat nighttime routine*

Picture 5

Day 5 – Party Curls

(My curls and I are ready to paint the town red by Day 5. I know some naturals don’t care for the crazy, messy hair, but I love it. I’m a huge fan of organized mess and that’s exactly what I think my hair looks like by this day. You know the drill, repeat the steps from the day before and off to a night out with friends or a date with the boo you go!  I agree that things can get a little iffy by Day 5, and if you are feeling like your hair is just a mess, just throw on a headband or add a trendy side braid.)

Picture 6

Your Curlfriend,


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