Naturally Fierce Feature: Jeré

My name is Jeré (pronouced Jer-ray) and I am a married mom with two beautiful girls. I have passion for God, natural hair, fashion, beauty, singing, and inspiring others. I was born and raised in Brooklyn New York to West Indian parents but currently live in Central Florida. My passion for natural hair, fashion, and inspiring led me to use my gift for gab and writing into developing my own blog and vlog. I'm also a high school teacher who teaches Advance Placement American Government and I love … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Felicia

My name is Felicia Olatunbosun and I am 21 years old recently received my BA in Psychology.  My family is from Nigeria and we live in New York.  The natural hair journey was not easy at all but it was something that I knew I wanted to do for myself.  I was natural up until I was 12 years old.  No one wanted to take care of my hair anymore so I was told to put a relaxer.  I began my transition by the time I was 19 years old.  How long have you been natural? What motivated you to go natural? I … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Sebreana

My name is Sebreana and I am from a small town in Louisiana, southwest part of the state. I had my last perm in December of 2011. My hair was in bad shape. I would have these months where it looked great, and then it would just start to get brittle and break. After I put that last perm and damaged my scalp again, I just decided to stop. I transitioned for four months. I did an awesome roller set on my two-texture hair, but the next day (April 11, 2012), it looked horrible! I went to work and at … [Read more...]