Business Spotlight: Liberated Strands by Angela Clay

Please tell us what prompted you to start your entrepreneurial journey. I remember in my Senior Memory Book, I wrote that I wanted to start my own school. I was going to teach African American studies and have all these great art classes. I don’t ever think I ever thought of working for someone else. Its funny how you think back on these things and they really have an impact on you here and now. What did you want to be as a child? When I was a child I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I … [Read more...]

Business Spotlight: Farasue’s Garden

Please tell us what prompted you to start Farasue's Garden? I have big chopped 3 times, burned, colored, damaged my hair sooooo often and could never find products that worked for my hair! Plus I have a lot of allergies and I was tired of my scalp being sore and flaky and messed up! What Was Your Initial Career Goal? I took it more as a hobby to help people grow healthy hair they will love. Affordable, quality, REAL ingredients that WORK. Has that changed from what you are currently … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Salon Profile: Saint Louis

Sometimes we can make natural hair care harder than it has to be but when we really do have a problem that we cannot solve ourselves or need serious help with who do we go to? A stylist of course! A stylist for a natural haired person can be a godsend depending if you go to the right one. But how do you find one that is educated on natural hair, knows how to listen to you and the needs of your hair and the stylist has confidence in what they are doing?Since natural hair has recently become more … [Read more...]