Effectives Strategies for Damaged Hair

If your hair has extensive damage then you’ll definitely want to implement some effective strategies to improve its health. Since there is no way to really permanently repair damaged areas, preventing further damage and addressing existing issues will enhance the look and condition of your hair. I’ve developed a simple 3-step program to successfully accomplish this.   1. RemoveThis goes without saying. If what you’re doing right now is contributing negatively to the state of your … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Lynnette

My name is Lynnette Joselly, I was born in Queens, NY, now live in Miami, FL and am a proud Dominican. My hair has been through so much and is still recovering. When I was young I use to have beautiful bouncy curls, then I was introduced to gel, mouse, and relaxers. I got addicted to relaxing my hair and loved the really straight results with no flyaways. It was the perfect solution to tame my frizziness. I started to notice my hair was now "stringy" vs. curly so I stopped relaxing my hair. … [Read more...]