Video: Beginners Kit Tutorial

Here is a beginner's kit tutorial / advice video for the newly natural.   … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: Double Twisted Ponytail tutorial

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Video Tutorial: Perfect Tour Twist Out

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Video Tutorial: The Fast-Drying Flat Twist-Out

  The flat twist-out is one of my favorite natural hairstyles! I love how it elongates my tightly coiled hair and I also love how easy and quick it is to complete. I set it in only 30 minutes and it was completely dry after only six hours. The style lasted for about four days. Since the twists were larger, they did not last as long as a twist-out done with small twists would have. I wore it down for two days and wore it up the other two to get my four days of wear out of it. Check out the video … [Read more...]

Video Tutorial: 5 Ways To Style An Old Wash & Go

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Video: How to do the perfect bun … [Read more...]

Video: Hair regimen for BIG hair   … [Read more...]

Video: 3 Quick & Easy Updo’s

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Video: Jumbo Twists

More Jumbo Twists by Leslie! … [Read more...]

Video: Eva’s Head-Wraps #35

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Video: 4 Quick Fall Hair Styles| For Failed Twist outs!

Check out Jade's quick and easy 'save the day' styles. … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Styles: The Iconic ‘Puff’

  I love puffs (i.e., ponytails) because they are quick, easy, and naturally fierce. :) Check out a few videos to learn how to achieve these looks:  How do you make your puffs? … [Read more...]

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