Detangling is a necessary evil that naturals endure at every hair length possible.  No exceptions to the rule on this one.  Everyone has to detangle whether the texture or the thickness or the length of time it takes.  It’s one of the biggest challenges that newly naturals face in the beginning that can deter some from staying natural especially if transitioning as the relaxed ends may not need it while the natural roots do! It’s not all bad and in fact detangling can be made easier and quicker … [Read more...]

Finger Detangling 101

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Finger detangling is a delicate and intricate procedure. If done properly, it is entirely possible to go without combs and have an exclusive finger combing routine. This is especially beneficial for women who have hair that easily breaks during the detangling process. It is also possible to incorporate finger combing as a first part to your detangling routine prior to combing in order to reduce breakage. Here are two very good videos that demonstrate the process of finger detangling on dry … [Read more...]

Reduce Breakage When Detangling


One of the most crucial steps to follow and yet the most annoying, is detangling. Let’s be honest ladies, the only reason why “hair day” is an all-day thing, is because of the detangling process. It can be a very harsh process if it is not done properly. Breakage can kill your hair if you’re not careful. It can cause split ends, hair loss and even worse, no new hair growth! To know if your hair is suffering from breakage, run your fingers through your hair once. If you see 10 or more strands … [Read more...]



As naturals we face different challenges with our hair, whether if it is the beginning stages (transition) or just pure frustration with not knowing what to do. KEEP CALM! DON’T FRET! This is not an uncommon issue at all. One thing we must do to maintain our hair in its most healthy state, is avoiding breakage during detangling. Personally, I must detangle before washing. If you do not, then you are setting yourself up for failure. These eight tips I will share with you can help tremendously and … [Read more...]

Detangling Too Often

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. is an ugly word to a curly, coily, kinky haired woman. It's a necessary evil to some and a breeze to others. Products, techniques and tools all aid in the process and all are necessary to make this a painless and successful experience.Before I knew what the heck I was doing with this Natural hair on my head, detangling wasn't a real thought. You can imagine how many chucks of hair I was yanking out of my head. I wasn't aware of … [Read more...]