10 Products that Stimulate Hair Growth

When there are issues with getting your hair to grow, it’s important to rectify the situation both internally and externally. A number of factors contribute to reduced hair growth, from your scalp being too dirty or your pores being blocked from build-up. It is true that nothing but time can make your hair grow, but there may be ways to help stimulate hair growth. Check out these options to give your curls extra encouragement. 1. Peppermint Oil With a fresh aroma, this strongly … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Care: Tea Rinse

This Natural hair journey is ever changing as we learn more about what aids in happy healthy hair. Despite being a Natural for over seven years I am still learning about the plentiful ways of treating and loving our tresses. Tea rinses are new to me. I've never really HEARD of them until recently and since I'm not completely clueless I figured I wasn't alone. Besides hosting a giveaway on a hair tea I felt I needed to dig a little deeper into what they are and how many are using them. Hair … [Read more...]

How to Know When It’s Time to Trim Your Natural Hair

Hair scientists, stylists, and bloggers debate on how often one should trim their natural hair, but one thing is for certain: healthy ends are essential to having healthy hair! Regardless of how often you plan to trim your hair, there are a few signs that you should bring out the hair shears sooner rather than later — coming from someone who’s had to deviate from her trim schedule twice in the past six months! Detangling is a Nightmare This is the main sign that trips me off, and this … [Read more...]