Damaging Hair Care Practices

As naturals our search for hair care knowledge usually fulfills a couple desires: 1. To achieve “healthy hair” 2. For our hair to grow Well, that’s not what we really mean is it? Our hair grows. It grows at varying rates monthly and throughout the year and its growth is based on our genetics, our overall health, nutrition, hormones, etc. But it does grow. What we are most interested in is the retention of length. If your hair breaks just as much as it grows then you’re not going to see the … [Read more...]



As naturals we face different challenges with our hair, whether if it is the beginning stages (transition) or just pure frustration with not knowing what to do. KEEP CALM! DON’T FRET! This is not an uncommon issue at all. One thing we must do to maintain our hair in its most healthy state, is avoiding breakage during detangling. Personally, I must detangle before washing. If you do not, then you are setting yourself up for failure. These eight tips I will share with you can help tremendously and … [Read more...]

Daddy Did My Hair

On a typical morning my family will get dressed and eat breakfast, after which my husband will brush my son’s hair and I will style my daughters’ hair. Well, a few days ago I had to leave for work before everyone else, so I did not have time for my girls’ hair. When I came home from work that day both of my daughters had new hairstyles. It didn’t look bad, just different from how I would have chosen to style it. My older daughter bounced over to me with the brightest smile and said, “Daddy did … [Read more...]