Hair Stories: Bald Spots and My Daughter’s Hair

My favorite hairstyle for both of my daughters is “beads and braids.” I believe it is one of the best protective styles for little girls because not only is the hair protected by the braids, but the beads act as a second layer of protection. It is so cute and my girls feel involved when I allow them to pick out their own bead colors. Despite how great I think this protective style is, there is a hazard that I had no idea existed: The last time I braided my oldest daughter’s hair I took a … [Read more...]

Natural Doll Experiment

I read and watched this video a year ago, but started thinking about it the other day. It still saddens me. [Repost from Chime] A few years back I watched “A Girl Like Me” which is a documentary by Kiri Davis. Within the short film, Kiri did an experiment that some coined the “New Black Doll Test”. Like the original Black Doll test performed by Dr. Kenneth Clark, she asked a group of Black children which doll they preferred to play with between a White doll and a Black doll. The majority of … [Read more...]

Encouraging Self-Love in Our Little Naturals

  It has been my experience that children, no matter how young or old, long for the approval of their parents. Just like everyone else, children want to feel loved and the first people they look to for this acceptance are their mother and father. Once we have children we are at once responsible for raising up positive, productive, citizens of the world. We are responsible for encouraging our little ones to love themselves. As much as folks would like to minimize the significant role hair has in … [Read more...]

Daddy Did My Hair

On a typical morning my family will get dressed and eat breakfast, after which my husband will brush my son’s hair and I will style my daughters’ hair. Well, a few days ago I had to leave for work before everyone else, so I did not have time for my girls’ hair. When I came home from work that day both of my daughters had new hairstyles. It didn’t look bad, just different from how I would have chosen to style it. My older daughter bounced over to me with the brightest smile and said, “Daddy did … [Read more...]