Giveaway: MANEology

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Winner will  receive:

  • The MANEmasque 16oz
  • MANEbutter 8 oz
  • MANErevive 8 oz
  • MANElixir 2 oz

MANE = Hair
Ology = The study of a particular subject or branch of knowledge

MANEology is simply the study and knowledge of hair. We are a handmade, natural hair care product boutique that provides a holistic and healthy approach to hair care.
MANEology was founded in 2014, by Jocellyn Caprice Ford. Wearing the hats of Owner, Mixtress, and Curlfriend, Jocellyn has been natural for just over 10 years.

We Provide

•    Holistic and healthy hair care solutions
•    Affordability that doesn’t sacrifice quality
•    Simplistic approach to hair care  by providing products that serve more than one purpose
•    Support for hair care questions and concerns
•    Individualistic approach to customer service
• Opportunities for sophisticated socializing, as well as empowerment amongst women
IG @maneology
Owner, mixtress, curlfriend @jcf4real

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  1. Mandy Pinet says

    I would like to win because now that I’m natural I’m still struggling to find the right products for my hair.

  2. says

    I love to try new products! It’s awesome to see small businesses start up for black hair care because they actually care! These products sounds like great natural products, I hope I win to get a chance to try them 🙂

  3. Juwania Hayes says

    I don’t have a blog, however, I’m a proud product junkie…lol and would love to try these, what appear to be amazing products.

  4. Dee Garrett says

    I like trying new products… I also support small businesses, so if the product is good -I buy.

  5. LaWanda S says

    I need to win, so that I can try this new line and hopefully find products that my hair will love!

  6. Martha McIntosh says

    I actually did some research on this brand to see if I can find a line that would reduce the number of products I would need to maintain the health of my hair and this one always comes up..would love to try!

  7. Tanesha Dawkins says

    I need to win because I’m looking for multi purpose prodcuts.I’m soo over hoarding products!lol!!

  8. Tayy Mays says

    I would like to win because I have the most stubborn and resistant hair to products & can’t afford to but any decent ones!

  9. Heldy IslandsGirl Rodrigues says

    I need to win because I’m always willing to try new products and see what my mane likes . Product looks good ! Thanks

  10. Marlana Philips says

    I’m trying to find the perfect product for my hair and I would love to try this new product

  11. NaturallySuccessful . says

    I need to win because my crown needs some loving from the many changes in the weather that it is having to go through

  12. kris Carter says

    I need to win because I love all things natural hair related lol!! Especially if it helps my hair:)

  13. Lisa Jackson says

    I need to win because I’m tired of being a product junkie. Need products that do what they say.

  14. Nikka Shanice says

    Why should I win because I’m looking to try something new. I’m trying to get my hair back to a healthy state. Also because I’ve seen previous users personal testimonies on the style results and the health of their hair makes me more eager to try it. And with a name like maneology how could you go wrong!?

  15. Alesia Stevens says

    Thank you Global Couture and Maneology!! I can’t wait to receive my new products and to get started using them!!!

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