Curls in Color: Natural hair coloring book launched!!!! Buy your copy from Amazon now   * Curls in Color: A Natural Hair Coloring book is an empowering celebration of black girl magic featuring curls, locs, coils, braids, twas, and fros. Over 30 pages of stress relieving designs are featured in this new exciting adult coloring book.  * All of the images are inspired by naturalistas we love @naturallytash @niathelight  @sil.maravilha @hazelamari @melanated__goddess … [Read more...]

F*ck This Job: A stress relieving adult coloring book

I launched a new adult coloring book inspired by true events! LOL F*ck This Job is a must have. What you would love to say to your annoying ass co-workers COULD GET YOU FIRED, so why not say it as you color the stress away? Our F*ck This Job coloring book allows you express how you REALLY feel about those assholes at work. With over 2O funny, beautiful coloring pages, you will unwind and avoid going postal. De-stress with our coloring pages to get you to the weekend by expressing all the … [Read more...]


Yay!!!! Its finally here!!! We Travel In Color is the FIRST adult travel coloring book. We Travel in Color was inspired by the @mytravelcrush community Filled with 25 inspiring illustrations, this book is the perfect way to de-stress, find travel inspiration, and get motivated for your next adventure. Fits perfectly on your carry-on and ideal for gifts this holiday season! High quality printed paperback. SHOP NOW WWW.WETRAVELINCOLOR.COM     … [Read more...]

We Travel in Color: Adult Coloring Book giveaway!!!

We are celebrating the October launch of our adult travel coloring book "We Travel in Color!" We Travel in Color is the FIRST coloring book to feature travelers of color!!! ✊ To kick it off we are hosting a competition and giveaway! * 🖍 TO ENTER: 1. Download a coloring book page ( 2. Color the page 3. Post your completed work on IG with tag #wetravelincolor ------------------ Winners will receive a free copy of the coloring book and Tshirt!!! * This book … [Read more...]

Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving. It doesn't seem much like thanksgiving here in Mexico. I am eating traditional Mayan food today. :) If you follow me on Instagram you know that have been traveling non stop for over a year- South Africa, Italy, Indonesia, South America, Asia, and Dubai!! I am currently in Mexico and headed to Cuba next. I feel very fortunate to be able to run Global Couture from ANYWHERE. I didnt expect this after quitting my job without a plan, but once you find your purpose things really … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Ashley

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Ashley, I am from Beaumont, Texas but currently residing in Houston. I am a full-time student and stay at home mom. I also run a YouTube channel where I create content on fashion, beauty, and all things mommy related. 2. How long have you been natural? Have you always embraced your curls? I have been natural for about 3 1/2 years. After going natural, I had a real boost of confidence. I … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Nogah

Hi, below are the answers to the questions and attached is a zip file of images. thanks! 1.   Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Nogah, I am from Philly. I currently live in North Carolina and am a marketing events manager for a travel company. I also have a natural hair blog, YT channel and IG called GirlWithNoCable that documents my natural hair journey and encourages black women to love themselves and embrace the beauty that is … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Isabelle

1. Tell us about yourself. My name is Isabelle, I was born in New Jersey and I currently reside in Florida. I started my hair journey about 4 years ago. At first I was on a relaxed hair journey for about 3years. With me being on campus in an area where it is rare to find products that cater to my hair type, I was stuggling. After researching more in depth about proper hair care, I decided to embark on a whole new journey, thus transitioning back to natural. 2. How long have you been … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Kristina

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. My name is Kristina Smith and I was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. I have moved around a lot and I'm happy to call Austin,Tx home now! I am a full time Esthetician Student, Wife, & Mother. Ever since I decided to go natural I have discovered so many positive things about myself and I am much more confident than I used to be. 2. How long have you been natural? I have been natural for 3 1/2 years. I always had this idea … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Camille

Tell us about yourself. My name is Camille Gray, I'm 23 from Clinton, Mississippi! How long have you been natural? I transitioned for 9 months before my big chop November 11, 2015. How would you describe your hair/What is your hair regimen (including fav products)? My hair requires LOTS of moisture. I typically wash my hair every Saturday and, if necessary, a cowash sometime during the week. I also deep condition every two weeks with Briogeo "Don't Despair, Repair" or a homemade … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Denysha

1. Tell us about yourself. My name is Denysha and I am a natural hair enthusiast from Trinidad & Tobago. I am also an author of a natural hair care book called 'All About Kinky Curly Hair.' My hair journey has been a great one thus far. I have tried almost everything possible from coloring to even tapered cuts. My goal however, is healthy hair. 2. How long have you been natural? I have been natural since December 2012. 3. What motivated you to transition? Were you a transitioner or … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Tanisha

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Tanisha. I  originally from Toronto, but I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. 2. How long have you been natural? Technically I've been natural my whole life. I think I did get a one kiddie perm when I was 11. So since then it has been 20 years :). But it has only been within the last two years I've started to love and embrace my hair. 3. What motivated you to transition? Were you a … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Kezia

1. Tell me a little about yourself and your hair journey. (Name, where you’re from, etc) My name is Kezia and I’m from the beautiful island of Barbados! I’ve been married for almost 2 years and I’m a mother to a very active 1 year old son. 2. How long have you been natural? Have you always embraced your curls? I’ve been natural for almost 8 years.  At 17 years old I decided that my natural hair was “too thick” and “too much for me to handle”. I made the decision to relax my hair and … [Read more...]

Naturally Fierce Feature: Marcian

1. What's your name and where are you? My name is Marcian and I am from Jamaica currently in Florida. 2. What is your hair type? My hair type sits between 4a and 3c with super coily texture and normal porosity. 3. When did you go natural and what made you do it? May 2014 I big chopped because I wanted to start a healthy hair journey, to do this I knew I had to stop using chemical relaxers in my hair and embrace my natural hair. 4. What was the most challenging thing … [Read more...]