Will TWA Be the Hot Natural Hair Style For Spring?

Will TWA Be The Hot Natural Hair Style For Spring?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock since the beginning of the year, you know Lupita Nyong’o has been tearing up the red carpet and collecting awards like black women have been winning them forever!  She’s been hailed the red carpet queen by every fashion media outlet worth it’s salt and gold. Rightly so, her style, grace, and HAIR has brought all to their knees.  The woman is majestic.

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Now, everyone is predicating what the hot (or haute) look for natural hair will be after 2013′s stellar year in style.  We went from shaved sides, to ombre hair color to hair chalk all in the name of fashion and style.

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It’s already March and what have we seen as the front-runner so far?  Nothing! Until Lupita kept hitting the scene with fresh, bold, sexy TWA looks. Now we KNOW our front-runner for most popular natural hairstyle for spring 2014. The sleek, sexy TWA… She has certainly revealed the versatility of this style.

Lupita Nyong'o's Best Red Carpet Looks

One of the problems some women face when going natural is their desire to keep their hair long.  It’s not a real problems. Going natural doesn’t meaning you have to Big Chop (BC). The other route is called a long-term transition. Lupita has shown the world that there are no limitations in style choices as she has reclaimed the red carpet with hers.

She allows her body to become as much her style as her hair with the rich colors and variety she brings to each and every event.  She thinks outside the box. You still see range with her makeup, color of dress and her  internal and external beauty.  There are so many choices with a TWA and not even with just the cut.  Accessories, clothes…your own body…the list is endless when you are willing to be open to new ideas.

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So, put me down for a spring hairstyle prediction.  I foresee two trends this year and definitely this spring and summer.

  • More women who choose to go natural will pick the BC over the long-term transition and sport more sassy TWAs
  • Women already natural will cut their tresses to rock a sexy TWA and add some bold color for spring and summer.

OK, do you agree and if not who’s ready to bet me?  I’m feeling pretty good about this and will ONLY accept my winnings in replicas of Luptia’s gowns!  Hey, the woman has a style that is too haute not to emulate.

[written by Sabrina]

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