Why is Moisture Retention Important for Natural Hair?


One of the most common issues us naturalistas face is moisture retention. Natural hair is commonly referred to as “drier” than other hair types due to its structure. Our skin (which includes our scalp) naturally secretes oil from the sebaceous glands called sebum, but because natural hair has bends and curves it become difficult for the sebum to travel all the way down from roots to ends. This lack of natural oil means that our hair finds it difficult to naturally trap in moisture and stay moisturized.

If you are able to not only effectively get moisture into the core of your hair but also retain it (for as long as possible) chances are your hair will thrive.

  • Moisturized hair means hair that has elasticity and is less likely to break especially when manipulated, combed or styled.
  • A balanced routine includes moisture which, is an important aspect in keeping the hair healthy.
  • If you apply sealants to hair that is dry or “thirsty” you are basically trapping in that dryness! Don’t do it!
  • Dry/un-moisturized hair is fragile which will only lead to one thing – breakage.
  • Styles tend to last longer on moisturized hair.
  • Moisturized hair that has been sealed makes the cuticle smooth and actually helps avoid Single Strand Knots,which again means less chances of snags and breakage.
  • If length retention and growth is your aim, your goal is moisture retention.

Simply put, moisturized hair looks, feels, is supple & healthy and less likely to break and don’t we all want that?

[by MaiCurls]

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  1. Stephanie Queennaturalbeauty D says

    Loved the article as Im definitely having this issue while traveling for extensive periods of time. I definitely would have loved a few tips on getting and retaining moisture though.

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