Many times I get that question…

How do you stop your hair from breaking from hair dye?

Rather in fact it is a question I get ALL THE TIME… my answer to this is very simple probably too simple… I ensure my hair is never lacking in moisture and of course deep conditioning.

I don’t think people understand how critical and important moisturizing our hair especially colored treated hair can be. To begin with, and I am sure my natural sisters out there with colored hair can attest to this one ,dying or bleaching your hair can leave it very dry, brittle and sometimes even limp, especially in the first month after applying color or bleach. It is because of these “reactions” to dye that moisturizing and deep conditioning is very important. Of course, along with this there are other very vital factors. But don’t just take my word for it; here are some tips, few recommended products and advice from other colorful naturalistas.



The first thing that I recognized when talking to some of my colored hair friends is they all had one thing in common their remedy for dry, brittle hair after coloring:


“After two weeks of bleaching my hair, it can be very dry but using my deep conditioners and a line of products including a leave in conditioner helps to revive my hair” Says Victoria Bristol who has been dying and bleaching her hair successfully for the last three years.

Her statement is one that type 4 naturalista Deirdre Gittens can identify with.

“My hair is really dry a few days after I apply the color, normally I just wait it out, moisturize my hair and do my deep conditioning as usual, which is every two weeks” Gittens said.

Deep conditioning is necessary because it helps to repair or stop any form of damage that can occur from dying your hair. Not only this, but deep conditioning replenishes the hair by restoring moisture to dry hair, well any hair period.

So if it is one thing we can gather so far is, color treated hair equals you gaining a new best friend called deep conditioner.



You may be wondering how is protective styling good for color treated hair…shouldn’t it be used for your hair period… color treated or not?


As Gittens simply put it “protective styling is something that should be practiced by everyone.”

Nonetheless, we cannot ignore that because of the color treatment, extra protection to prevent excess dryness and brittleness should be exercised.

According to Naturalista  Keli- Ann   protective styling in the day is important because “ too much exposure to the sun really dries up your hair and can lead and aid in breakage, unfortunately for me my hair was dyed at the front of my head so my only thing to do was keep it oiled” She said.

With this in mind simple steps such as sleeping in a satin cap and or moisturizing and twisting/ braiding your hair before bed can do your hair wonders. This method locks in moisture so your hair is fully ready for the full adventurous day you might encounter.


While I can only suggest products based on what works for me and what works for others, you must find product best suited for YOU.The reality is we all have different hair types and our hair reacts differently to certain products that might work wonderfully for others but might be far from wonderful for you. Anyhow, with this being said, here are a few recommended products you can try.

1) Crème of Nature Argan Oil Line of products. This includes their Shampoo, conditioner and 7 in 1 Leave in treatment.

2) Hair Mayonnaise by Organics

3) Raw Aloe Vera

4)  Motions CPR deep conditioner

5) Olive Oil deep conditioner by Organic

6)  For my sisters with Locks – two words for you NATURAL OILS



If you are seriously contemplating dying or bleaching your hair you should ensure to:

“Practice routine hair care and treatment before, during and after coloring your hair.”- Deirdre Gittens

“Go to a professional or seek advice from a professional if you insist on dying your hair yourself.”- Victoria Bristol

“Commit to caring for and treating your hair, other than that coloring is fun.”- Keli-Ann

So, with that said LET’S GO COLOR CRAZY LADIES!!

[by Kiera]

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