Setting “hair goals” for the New Year


As 2014 comes to an end a lot of us sit down to check if we accomplished our New Year’s resolutions for 2014. One thing we can also add onto our lists are hair goals we hope to achieve. For some it might be to reach mid-back length hair by December 31st 2015, others might want to wean away from using heat for a whole year and for others healthy hair is the “simple” aim.

Whatever you hope to achieve in 2015, it is always best to keep a few things in mind and one “rule” I like to follow is Keep It Simple Stupid – K.I.S.S. All that basically means is do not overdo it! Keep your goals realistic and attainable. It is great to want to meet or go above and beyond our goals and expectations but do not write something down that you know you will not achieve. That can be more demoralizing than not having any goals at all. The likely hood that you will be all of a sudden wake up tomorrow on a 1 year heat free challenge, while doing protective styles, implementing weekly Deep Conditions, trimming every 4 weeks, doing a scalp massage every day, doingthe inversion method, implementing the “Curly Girl” routine and also the Maximum Hydration Method all in one go, will be highly unlikely. Especially if you haven’t tried doing any one of those things before. So take it step by step.

I also suggest having things organized and planned out with the help of a hair journal. The journal will not only help you remember what you want to do, but you can write down how you are feeling throughout the journey. It will also help you remember what worked/didn’t work for you. If 2015 is going to be your year all about protective styling, write out how many weeks/months you want to implement protective styles into your routine. Try to note down when you see yourself actually being able to do protective styles, spring, summer, autumn, winter? How long will you keep your protective styles? Are they going to be low manipulation that you can change up once a week or are you going to install mini twists, Marley hair, a weave for a few weeks etc. If you are going to go heat free, write down a date and mark it on a calendar or put a reminder on your phone and make sure to stash away your flat iron, hot comb, curling wand or blow drier so that temptation is not an arm’s reach away.

If you have weekly goals, make sure to tick them off once they’re achieved and reward yourself with a nice spa visit or a delicious restaurant meal. Perhaps more importantly, if you are not able to meet a goal, don’t beat yourself up! With the help of your journal you will be able to tell why and where you need to tweak the idea for next time. It is not a failure, it is a learning possibility. So K.I.S.S, plan and remember to enjoy the year ahead!

[by Maicurls]

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