Being Natural with Nay-saying Family Members

For some us the decision to go back natural was not just a physical change but also an emotional roller-coaster. You might struggle with the fact that you need to relearn everything you knew about your hair. Getting use to the “new you” can be a challenge and having a support system behind you that encourages the decision to go back natural can be essential. I always tell people be yourself forget what others say but I know it can be easier said than done. I was blessed to have two supportive … [Read more...]

What’s So Dangerous About an Educated Black Woman?

The Global Couture t-shirt is black with the words, “Danger, Educated Black Women” on the front.  It has initiated an interesting conversation about what makes an educated Black women so dangerous? Someone even called the shirt racist.  So let’s break it down,shall we? For hundreds of years Black people in America, were not allowed to be educated.  It wasn’t until after Reconstruction that it was made legal for Black people to receive an education when public schools were created.  Even then, … [Read more...]

7 Awkward Natural Hair Moments

#1 When your co workers or random people ask if they can touch it. Sigh…I’m sure we have all been there. Whether short, long, big or small, people are intrigued by natural hair. They want to put their hands all over it and run their fingers through it. Or they do the “polite pet” on top of your head as if you were the featured animal at the national zoo. It happens to me all the time; on the metro, at work, in restaurants and while I’m out shopping. I mean, I guess I can understand, but if … [Read more...]

Are Crochet Braids Just Weaves in Disguise?

For many of us, going natural was a personal statement of self-acceptance.  It was a commitment to getting rid of harmful chemicals in your hair regime, and living a life where your natural hair and health were priority.  We looked society’s Eurocentric beauty standards in the face and said, “Nah boo!”and as a result, our self-esteem skyrocketed! We realized that part of that commitment meant getting rid of weaves and wigs and anything that is not  naturally OURS.  We went natural and rocked … [Read more...]

Double Standard? Why is It Considered “Hood” When Black Women Experiment with Color?

I’ve had a thing for colored hair for as long as I can remember. In middle school, all the skater chicks and alternative girls dyed their hair every color of the rainbow after seeing celebs change their hair color on a weekly basis. We frequently dyed our hair with Kool-Aid and Manic Panic to our parents’ dismay, hoping the rain never came or we’d end up with a t-shirt soaked with orange, purple, or green streaks. At the time, most of these celebrity influences were white, but I never thought … [Read more...]

The battle of “Good” versus “Bad” Hair

  Whenever I hear “good or bad hair” it not only makes me cringe but actually upsets me. Almost 4 years into my natural hair love affair and I still don’t get it, nor do I want to. This sort of statement always begs the question 1. who defines what “good” or “bad” is 2. why does said person get to make that judgment and 3. based on what? I have the same reaction when someone is overly obsessed with “curl typing” or defines what your, mine, their friend’s, their mother’s hair is. Do we … [Read more...]

I’m More Than My Curls: Natural Hair & Self Worth

Do you remember the first time you transitioned to your natural curls? All those times that you washed and deep conditioned it and said to yourself, “What is my hair really going to look like if I do this?” Some naturalistas are or have been placed in this position. Let’s consider what African American hair has experienced before reaching transition: As a child, any twisting hairstyle packed with petroleum jelly worked for your mom. By adolescence, questioning of personal appearance began … [Read more...]

Why are you natural?

This REALLY resonated with me. Let me explain. In my teenage years growing up in a small town where black people were the minority my top desire was to fit in. My skin colour was an obvious difference and I wasn’t able to change that. So what could I modify? My hair of course. So seeing these “popular” girls with their long, flowing straight hair and the desire to be one of them led me to relax my hair from a young age. To top it all off a strong sense of self-worth and confidence wasn’t … [Read more...]

Is your hair creating more stress in your life? twist out… no braid out. Yes braid out.. no wait ugh! I just can’t decide! How many of you ladies have had this experience? Not knowing what style you want to wear or what style for the perfect occasion. We’ve all been there, myself included. We get so fed up and frustrated; we find ourselves stressed out about some of the following:  Stressed because either our hair won’t cooperate with us ( Hair 1 vs. Us 0 ) we don’t have the same texture as our favorite Instagrammer or … [Read more...]

Stop Chasing the Curl Dragon

I'm sorry but it needs to be said. Some of us in the Natural haired community are driving a wedge between the whole lot with this constant quest to define, find, or make some damn curls in their hair! There's no other way to describe this other than chasing the curl dragon. It is so unnecessary and a little disheartening... I understand. You are a newly Natural or thinking about going Natural. You want or expect your hair to look a certain way. You want an instant halo of cascading curls … [Read more...]

Are you natural if you are texlaxed?

So you may be thinking “what is texlaxed?” and am I natural if I  texlax? The answer to that question is quite simple, no. Texlaxing your hair means to "under process" your hair so that the relaxer is not left on your hair long enough to make your hair bone straight. Your hair may still have some texture but it’s not your natural curl pattern. In order to consider yourself natural this would mean that in no way is your hair chemically processed or altered.  There are so many debates in the … [Read more...]

So, What if Blue Ivy’s Hair is Messy?

Messy Hair Don’t Care! By this point we have all heard about the controversy surrounding Jay Z and Beyonce’s two year old daughter, Blue Ivy’s hair. There was a very clear divide amongst the natural hair community, but some individuals felt so strongly about the appearance of the toddler’s tresses that a petition was created. As a mother of two curly hair daughters, this petition was very disturbing to me. Let’s just be honest. Everyday is not going to be a great hair day. We strive for … [Read more...]

Should I Change My Hair to Get a Job? Pros/Cons

Straight Interview Styles VS Naturally Textured Interview Styles   So you’ve landed an interview… Great! It’s the night before the big day and you’re staring at your tresses in the mirror thinking: What. To. Do? Should I straighten, or do a curly, natural style? In America’s fashion culture, on occasions where the dress is formal or business related, straight hairstyles are worn to implement a ‘sleek’ or ‘neat’ look. One cannot exist for more than fifteen minutes in an office, ceremonial event, … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Selfies – Love Them or Hate Them?

Natural Hair Icon Rasheta The selfie is undoubtedly one of pop culture’s most loved and hated pastimes.  Selfies are everywhere and The Oxford Dictionary even declared the word “selfie” as word of the year.  Most of us have indulged in the occasional selfie, even the President, the Pope, and just about every celebrity you can name. As popular as they are, selfies have gotten much criticism.  Some say selfies represent our heightened need to be connected to social media at all times and are … [Read more...]

13 Signs You Have a Straight Hair Mentality

While it’s great to see an increasing number of women embrace the beauty of their coily hair, I sometimes worry that many of the hair struggles these women are dealing with will eventually force them to give in and go back to their “stress free” straight hair. I empathize with these women because many of them had relaxed hair from a very young age so they really don’t know what their curly hair feels like and how it should behave when allowed to grow out. The comments and hair issues I’ve … [Read more...]

Dealing with Men Who Don’t Like Natural Hair!

  In May, some friends and I hosted the International Natural Hair Meet Up Day.  This was the third year we have done the event and wanted to make this one the best year yet.  We came up with the idea of having a panel discussion with natural hair stylists, natural hair bloggers, and the male perspective on natural hair.  Little did I know, having two men on the panel would be a huge hit for the audience, in fact, it seemed like it was all we ended up talking about! The two men … [Read more...]