How to Style your TWA


Did you recently big chop? Or maybe you’ve followed this years natural hair trend and got a funky cut with tapered sides. Are you the point where you just don’t know what to do with your twa? Well, heres five hairstyles that you can achieve, if your hair is long enough, while rocking your twa.

Basic Wash and Go

Duh, this style is a no brainer. Wash and go’s go hand and hand when you have a twa. At this stage in your natural hair journey your hair is short, your curls are small and cute and most of all your hair is easy to manage. You are at the stage where you can literally “wash and go”. For those that feel that you don’t have a “curl pattern” I have a solution for you as well, the nudged brush. You can make one out of a sponge by cutting wholes into it or by simply buying one.

Wash and Go using a Sponge

Know I know you’re probably thinking “how the heck am I going to do that?” well obviously this is a style for you when you have enough hair to grip but its in between stages and you’re tired of doing the same ole’ style. You will still be able to rock your fro or if you have enough you can pin up the sides for a cute fro hawk.

Perm rods

Of course you wouldn’t get the really big rollers but I have seen online as well in my local beauty supply. They are the tinniest rollers you will ever see and I like to think that they were specifically made for us naturals. The rollers will give you the such beautiful curls.

Finger coils

Although this style is quite time consuming it will give your hair really pretty coils and is quite easy. This style is especially cute for those that go a funky hair cut, it will bring out the shape and the look of your cut.

Twist out

Once your hair grows long enough for out to twist this will become a life saver.

[by Andria]


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