Naturally Fierce Feature: Marcian

1. What’s your name and where are you?

My name is Marcian and I am from Jamaica currently in Florida.

2. What is your hair type?

My hair type sits between 4a and 3c with super coily texture and normal porosity.


3. When did you go natural and what made you do it?

May 2014 I big chopped because I wanted to start a healthy hair journey, to do this I knew I had to stop using chemical relaxers in my hair and embrace my natural hair.


4. What was the most challenging thing about going natural?

The most challenging part of my hair journey was waiting for my hair to grow back after my big chop; I had to learn a lot of patience.

5. What is your weekly regimen?

My washday is fairly simple, I wash with shampoo making sure I concentrate on my scalp and I follow up with a deep conditioner, which sits on my hair for 20 to 30 mins. After my deep condition treatment I do the LOC Method (Leave in conditioner+oil+cream). Then I stretch my hair either with the banding method or large braids. When  my hair is stretch I then do a protective style.

6. What is your daily morning regimen?

It depends on the style I am rocking, if my hair is in two strand twist I mist them with water/oil mix to refresh and wake then up.


7 .What is your daily night time regimen?

My night regimen, I really focus on protecting my hair and preserving my hairstyle by using all things satin, Scarf, Bonnet and pillow on my hair.

8 Do you use heat on your hair at all?

No, I am happy that my hair care regimen exclude using heat.


9. Do you braid your hair? If so, how often do you do so in a year?

No, I don’t do extension braiding.

10.  Wide-tooth comb or Denman brush?

I use both wide-tooth comb and Denman

11. Is your hair normally loose or in a protective-do?

My hair is mostly in protective style.


12. Have you ever had a hair tragedy? What was it? How did you recover from it?

I would not say I had a hair tragedy but as my hair got longer I really struggle with detangling but I am getting better. I now make sure myhair is super saturated with conditioner before I do any detangling and that has helped tremendously.

13. What’s your biggest tip for maintaining healthy or long hair?

I must say that I retain my hair length by keeping my scalp clean, deep condition regularly and doing the LOC Method religiously. Keeping my hair in protective style helps a lot with length retention and a lotof TCL and patience.

14.  Where can we find you online? (blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)?


Thanks for featuring my most viewed video on youtube:Wearable Two Strand Twist with LOC Method link:


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