Forget About Natural Hair Rules


I am so tired of the natural hair rules. I’m so serious! Here are 5 rules that the natural hair community should just forget and let others learn what’s best for them in their own hair journey:

Using Silicones

Silicones are artificial oils that firmly coat the hair strands. Now I may get the clapback, but silicones aren’t as bad as everyone makes them out to be. Just like with everything you use and eat, moderation is the key when using products with silicones. They do provide great slip, combat frizz, are used for heat protectants, and do a great job when detangling the hair.

Using Shampoo With Sulfates

There are naturalistas that want and need shampoos with sulfates. Sulfates are great to cleanse your scalp and hair from any product buildup. You do not need to use sulfate shampoos weekly. Try changing up to bi-weekly or even once a month. If it strips your hair to where you hair is feeling dry, try doing a hot oil treatment to build protection around your strands before you wash your hair.

Not Moisturizing and Sealing Daily

Who really has time for that? Personally, I usually moisturize and seal one good time before the hair goes up in a bun for the week. Creamy moisturizers and butters tend to last longer than mists and oils. When wearing braids, weaves, or another long term styles, you do not need moisturize and seal daily. Moisturize your hair according to what style you are wearing and how long you will wear it.

Not Wrapping Hair For The Night You may not feel like wearing your bonnet for the night, because it’s too hot and humid. Using a satin scarf or a bonnet is not the only way to protect your hair at night. Sleeping on a satin/silk pillow case can accommodate you if you don’t want to sleep with a bonnet. Your hair will not fall out overnight if you forget your bonnet. Let your hair breathe for the night and continue wrapping your hair the next day. Using Heat Many would think that it is important to not use heat at all on your hair to keep it healthy. But really if you have healthy hair practices before flat ironing your hair and keep the heat under 320 degrees, healthy hair is possible.

What are the ‘natural hair rules’ you tend to break?


[by Desire My Natural]


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